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Viktor Orbán’s rule

Stories and News No. 1099

The Orbán government has proposed a series of laws to the Hungarian parliament that will justify the detention of individuals and organizations deemed to be in favour of illegal immigration, being accountable for providing legal, medical or any kind of support to people without citizenship.

Dear Hungarian patriots,
And all of you too, inhabitants of the world, who boldly defend the sacred borders from pure blood’s polluters.
The mathematics of the unlikely theorems is enriched with a further fundamental axiom.
That is a new subject, in fact, and it therefore needs continuous paradoxical updates.
As you all well know, the old, as well as radical chic, science of numbers, based its formulas on a now overrated scheme: the good-hearted hypothesis, demonstration and thesis sequence.
On the contrary, thanks to the diligent assiduousness of social networks, the arithmetic of delirium writes its principles through popular approval.

In fact, as the first principle of popular thermodynamics says, if two plus two equals five got thousands of likes, and as many shares, it becomes a slogan, then electoral propaganda and finally government program.
That's how we won.
That's how they keep losing.
Because we do believe more in our lies than our adversaries trust their truths.
On the other hand, we have taken their place long ago and turned it into ours.
Committing ourselves to work in a review of human disciplines.
Indeed, remove the useless adjective and leave discipline as it is.
In the school of bullies, easing is the key to everything.
Grammar doesn’t help, because it complicates concepts, prohibits the precious contradictions and is an obstacle to virile vulgarity.
Literature must be banned, because it hides moral in the most unsuspected plots and civil consciences even in the most negligible characters.
Science makes sense only if it becomes technical and the technique is worth the study time when it promises profit.
And then there is it, the illogical approximation to power, with the algebra of impartiality, the geometry of the walls and the physics of legalized shots.
Now we have the numbers in our hands, and it doesn’t matter if they are all, or the majority.
The only variable that weighs on the scale of the future is the virality of the voice screaming on the monitor.
Nonetheless, dear bulwarks of the native soil, we were speaking of a new law.
Orbán's rule may be simplified in a suggestive picture: imagine you’re on the edge that divides your beloved land from the foreign one and that over the sacred limit there is a generic type of individual without legitimate credentials. Let's say that the outsider creature fall from your side. Well, there are no exceptions, even if they might be an old man affected by a heart attack, a mother in the grip of labor or a feverish child, your duty is to move sideways and never, I repeat, never dare to support the alleged unfortunate person.
The short corollary of inhumanity follows: helping others, where others are them, is a crime...

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