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What are nuclear weapons

Stories and News No. 1094

What are nuclear weapons?
You have no idea.
They are very dangerous stuff, capable of destroying everything and everyone, the fearful souls say.
They are the truly no return way, an eternal falling, between dust and darkness, the weakness professionals add.
They are naive chemistry’s cursed children, imagined by a servant and deaf science before the only nobility that might give meaning to it, in short, to preserve. This is the only reason to exploit brains and techniques: to safeguard the free gifts discarded upon arrival on this poor planet
That’s what the prophets with soft skin around the heart used to claim.

Good words, yes they are, but life is an unprecedented cruel editor that imposes merciless review of our poetic interpretation of the world.
You need bigger and firmer hands, that have known the lightness of a lucky birth, but who have also shown a clear temper to become iron in front of the enemy.
That's why we offer cold eyes and a wide view, that know how to recognize opportunities in the soft fruits, but who have no hesitation, where it is necessary to eradicate them from the ground to protect the chosen ones.
Now you’ll understand why we cannot allow any atom democracy.
The nucleus is a god of simple forms, harmless only by size, with potential inversely proportional to the latter, whose favors should be granted only to the selected ones.
Who are they?
Which feature should distinguish them?
Awareness of knowing, this is the prerogative of the designated creatures, never its opposite, forerunner, Socratic habit.
Let's say it aloud.
Diabolical human creations should never be a matter for philosophers, capable only of slowing down the planet’s transformation into an ordered system, in the name of practicality.
Nonetheless, they insist with their illusions of a quiet and tolerant coexistence, occasionally managing to deceive a majority of people.
Despite that, have you wondered why, when the breath of these dreamy singers is exhausted, we return to the saddle, even bolder and angrier than before?
You don’t know, do you?
We tell you.
Peace between two wars will ever be harder than a good world conflict, rigorously fought beyond our borders.
So, relax on your synthetic armchairs and let as dope you with our phantasmagorical app’s.
Nuclear weapons?
We know what they are, you don’t.
Leave us the power to decide who or what.
Because we know better than everyone what it means to possess them, and above all, launch them on unarmed citizens...

Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings, August 6 and 9, 1945

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