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Inside the Aquarius

Stories and News No. 1103

Once upon a time there was an Aquarium.
Considered by most as a strange type of container.
Of a traveling nature, to name one.
Of a possibly perennial path, to be honest.
Unless it disappeared on the horizon, or at best for many, below it.
In the meantime we observe, we pause our gaze or we turn immediately, because time is short and empathy even less.

However, we speak and choose route and destiny, next page and even the story’s end.
The latter’s moral is trivial, as it often happens.
The message is absolutely obvious, according to the usual script, and the afterword sounds incredibly rhetorical, the exact, bitter picture of modern life.
Where for many, undoubtedly too many, existing means to attend the spectacle of others’ misfortunes, unduly getting the role of directors and screenwriters without ever having moved from the audience seat.
On the screen the creatures trapped in the prison bowl are swimming in their grim destiny. Humans exhausted by hunger and thirst force each other in this infamous nightmare. If not men, women and children struggle to survive between heat and disease.
This design is nothing new.
The scene is already seen stuff.
The grotesque metaphor was reproduced everywhere in the form of a massive reality show, where the best lights are focused on commentators and VIP guests, even if the competitors.
This is a global success TV show, with all the right ingredients, as the most popular and equally manipulative news, together with the condition that unites the world: everyone can speak about, everyone can share, everyone must do it, but above all each of the spectators at the media circus will be able to eliminate the poorly tolerated protagonists with a quick, digital thumb-down.
Long live the migrant aquarium, therefore.
Blessed is the most popular entertainment today.
So its inhabitants, living toys in the hands of a humanity regressed to the most brutal phase of its wicked involution.
Nevertheless, I apologize, if the story might be completely ordinary.
Forgive me if the essence of the latter was totally devoid of originality.
I'm sorry, and you do not know how much, if the conclusion proved to be incurably customary.
But so is the life we tell ourselves and we unceasingly share, of a huge mass of non-paying, ignorant and delirious viewers before an obtusely misunderstood scenario.
Not a glass tank with fishes, although they too are victims of human idiocy.
But a real Aquarius, a constellation among the oldest ones, composed of myriads of stars born to illuminate sky and earth like all of us, after all.
And yet, nothing extraordinary in the picture, I said.
Already known plot.
A caption repeated in every age, that is, only those who know what it means to live in the Aquarium/Aquarius should have the right to speak...


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