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Italy new populist government: who elected them

Stories and News No. 1100

You did it.
Finally you succeeded in your purpose, more or less consciously.
The government of populists has got the power.
Did I say populists?

Oops, sorry, I meant... in fact, I want to tell you the truth, I would always like to, story or news that it is.
I meant fascists, yes.
The fascists have returned to lead our country.
And as much as you can now tear your clothes off and show yourself indignant, it is you who have helped them.
You are the one who elected them, exactly, as unshakable supporter of the wonderful world of the so-called social-democratic, reformist, centre-left party, and other misleading definitions.
Obviously, it is not the overvalued cross on the symbol, which I refer to, but all the countless occasions when you cleared the way to supremacy for the intolerant professionals.
Sitting in the shelter of a term that you have inexorably emptied of all meaning.
Left, just like that, along with the indispensable topics which you should have taken a consistent position on.
I’m talking about immigrants, let's start with the least avoidable one.
You voted for the fascists when you started to convince yourself that being leftist simply meant tolerating foreigners, rather than being the one who welcomes the newcomer with open arms. And you did the same in the moment you thought immigration meant expulsions and entering flows, checks at sea and walls, falling into the bleak
distinction between second generations and illegal immigrants, between political refugee and economic migrant.
How many deceptive words have you allowed to enter your vulnerable vocabulary.
Leaving behind the noble cloak that would protect you from the only, real horrible invasion. The one where there was and it is still written that being leftist means always being, without ifs and buts, on the side of the last ones.
Without any discrimination, as it used to and should still be said.
You gave your vote to the fascists from the moment you believed that to be leftist meant standing with the famous leftist ones.
Then it was enough to giving your loving like to the social pages of good-hearted celebrities and newspapers of now watered down historical
membership, participating in formally progressive gatherings and responding to appeals and petitions sensitive to the causes ennobled only by  proclamation.
You felt leftist because you used to go watching the leftists’ shows.
You told yourself you were leftist because you only read the leftists’ books.
You were persuaded of being a leftist because you never lost a truly leftist’s talk show, different from the others. And then rushing to compliment and praise your hero on the left-hand side of the screen.
Because it is now clear, paraphrasing the saying, you were always ready to get on the bandwagon of those on the left, but successful.
At the same time, you continued to ignore the first, sacrosanct principle, while the poor of the world, one population that you should have seen compact in your precious vision, without any difference, were placed against each other.
In the end, even with your endorsement, and this is the most unacceptable thing.
Similarly, you voted for the fascists by betraying another, inviolable axiom for your alleged category, when you succumbed to the insane and irresponsible idea that a so-called peaceful war might have civil, legal and moral foundation.
Guiltlessly ignoring the concept repeatedly taught by History, that if you're not there, between constructive dialogue and the battlefield, massacres, and genocides, blood flows and entire generations disappear.
You voted for the fascists deceiving you that protecting the planet and taking care of the environment was the prerogative of the green ones, absolutely not to be confused with the reds that you were ashamed of belonging every day more.
Well, if all this was not enough, you have voted the fascists even before the many, really holy ways through which love unites two people, when you should have been one, unavoidably one with the creatures discriminated for the colour of their heart.
Now, everything is done.
As in the last century, the true right, which someone erroneously calls extreme - but it has always been just right, it is holding the destinies of the nation.
I hope, I really hope that from this moment on, however difficult it might be, something good will come out.
Maybe that you, seeing who you have voted so far, finally understand what it means being on the left...

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