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Left vs Right story

Stories and News No. 1107

Once upon a time a world in conflict.
Born from it, grown on it and so used to consider it just one of the many possibilities of a harmonious society.
In the conflicting world two different types of creatures lived and contrasted, with more or less conscious coherence: people inclined to use the left hand as a priority solution, and those who instead preferred the right one.
You could make everything easier, by synthesizing them in left and right-handed, but this one, despite what some might tell you, is not at all a simple story.

As proof of that, at the beginning of the latter it was much more immediate to distinguish the two sides.
Trivializing, left hand meant preferring the peaceful way to the bellicose response, the diplomatic solution to the armed one, standing without delay on the weakest part’s side, without any discrimination, fighting social or merely human inequalities, maintaining an always open and flexible attitude before life changes and reforms that somehow prove to be consistent with real needs, all with the binding reference and unavoidable condition in the form of the most disadvantaged members of the community.
Against that, the right hand was recognizable by its imperative link with traditions and norms, regardless of their daily efficacy, with the muscular and virile choice compared to the too soft and waiting ones, with the more opulent classes, institutional and institutionalized power, with the moral version of things, with taboos and enclosures in spite of liberties and freedoms, all with the binding reference and unavoidable condition in the form of the most individualistic members of the community.
However, especially because of a resounding trick as vulgar as cunning barker, the world in conflict found itself the victim of an astonishing illusion.
Despite the left hand had been the undisputed protagonist of the indispensable prologue to the new, common narrative, while the right one played as the first obstacle to the democratic wailing, the fundamental premises were confused, made illegible and shamefully removed even from the precious notes in the margin.
To the point that it is now plausible to state that there is no difference between the two antithetical hands.
Needless to say which among them could take advantage of such a deception, and while we used to say common bad means half joy, shared guilt often becomes absolution for all.
Nevertheless, what over time brought to one side a renewed arrogance and revaluation of shameful mistakes, even before principles, the other was invaded by insecurity and confusion, mistrust and loss of authority.
Because this is often what happens to those who let erase an inalienable truth from a planned forgetfulness.
That is, to be born, raised and accustomed to a world in conflict.
The consequences were of a grotesque kind.
Over the years, people who preferred the right hand dedicated themselves to show off the latter with increasing boldness, revealing a total absence of scruples, worthy of the one who knows he can get away winning despite any sentence being issued from history.
Meanwhile, the loss of those who were used to favor the left hand reached unexpected levels and the rows started to dangerously divide.
There were those who began to hide the left hand in their pockets and those who practiced to keep it behind their backs, as if it did not exist, as if it were something to be ashamed of.
There were also those who came to cut it off, renouncing the most important of the freedom’s and movement degrees: thought and memory of one's own values.
There were also those who, from one day to the next, got out of bed and as if they were born exactly at that moment, beginning to prefer the once enemy hand.
However, the most paradoxical choices came from those who continued to ventilate the left hand as the priority flag, but using it for every action worthy of the adverse one.
It was the Achilles' heel, or the hand, more defenseless before the advance of the lords of the right.
Because, since the very beginning of time, what can be perfectly done by nature may never be equaled by those who suddenly decide to learn it.
Once upon a time, therefore, a world in conflict.
Built on a clash that never wrote the word end on the screen.
Where those who had the deserving role have lost themselves and those who have taken advantage of that infamous.
Once upon a time there was a divided world.
Among people who, right now, are strangling everyone's present and future with their right hand, and those who have to remember and understand that though it was also taught at school, choosing the left hand is not a sin, you do not go to hell, not at all. And with it, in some stories and countries, as has already happened in the past, you can save the world…

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