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Nuremberg trial of the third millennium

Stories and News No. 1106

History can be repeated, as well as its mistakes and convictions. The following words are (not so freely) inspired by the closing speech during the Nuremberg Trial, which took place from November 20, 1945 to October 1, 1946, by the prosecutor Robert Jackson.
Immigrants are more and more today Jews, and when we will finally understand it, it will probably be too late...

It is impossible, in this conclusion, to do more than to highlight the indelible quantities of vital points of the gloomy and degrading datum about this trial.
Witnesses of atrocities on a large scale, of cruelty and inhumanity, stories of mass deportations, of people reduced to slavery and annihilation of minorities.
Events that will go down in history as the dark side of this twenty-first century.
Shame, depravity, terror were the order of the day.
Immigrants arrested without charge, imprisoned without defenders, deported without trial.
Families blocked at the border, such as parents locked up in detention centers and their children scattered everywhere.

The racist and populist governments will remain in the black book of history for their persecution against migrants.
The most capillary and terrible of this century.
So accurate and unscrupulous in the program that immigrants are considered humans who do not exist.
Future generations will remember these years. If we never succeed in seeking, or preventing these events from happening again, this century can open the doors - again - to the age of civilization.
The time has come to follow the verdict, and if our work has been difficult, it is because the evidence of the facts has made it so.
A study of the defendants reveals that despite of the quarrels between them, each has a role to fit perfectly with the other’s one and all have declared themselves not guilty.
These men among millions of others, driving millions of others, were the ones to create the many Trump, Salvini and Orbán. They intoxicated these gentlemen, individuals vulnerable to power and adulation.
They fed their hatred, they increased their fears.
They put the weapon and the trigger in their hands, and when they fired all of them applauded.
The faults about leaders as Trump, Salvini and Orbán were admitted by some defendants with reluctance, by others with a spirit of revenge. But the faults of these are the faults of all those who are now sitting at the desk.
They ask the court to declare them not guilty of having planned, executed, conspired and committed that long chain of horrors.
If you are a judge and you will declare these men innocent, it means that there was no crime. That no crime has been committed...

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