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Stories and News No. 1101

They are, yes they do.
In places where you least expect that, if you stopped here, a handful of words from completeness and, above all, thought basis.
But on the other hand, is not avoiding such nuisances that today the fiercely populist citizen draws his indisputable conclusions?
Is it not with the same approximation that he judges and then votes?
In short, is not it enough reading the article’s title to delegate the fate of one or more generations?
Nevertheless, if you found time and curiosity to go further, I tell you that ten thousand immigrants from all over the world moved last year to

Australia, a record country for the classification.
In the total absence of protests, on the traditional as digital public square.
With just as much easiness, in the United States nine thousand illegal persons have magically become citizens with a sudden, unusual wand’s blow, the blinding and silent type’s, which shines and resonates only in exclusive environments, where hoping for a better future costs so little to become simply wanting.
At the same time, five thousand foreigners without a residence permit have officially become Canadians with no effort.
No wall has slowed down their path.
No voice has risen intolerant and angry against them.
No one has dared to take advantage of it through the usual, blatant manipulation of the worst ignorance, made further arrogant by the most unjustifiable hatred.
As many refugees were greeted with red carpet and handshakes, pats on their backs and even hugs in the United Arab Emirates.
Because the narrative that accompanies these travelers states that they do not bring illnesses and do not steal jobs, that they do not want to impose their beliefs, let alone their culture.
In the same, last year, with identical ease of transit three thousand strangers have obtained citizenship from the Caribbean islands and two thousand from Israel, the same number from Switzerland, and a thousand from New Zealand and Singapore.
Every year thousands of migrants like these get anywhere they want, on the spot, in response to the simple request, identity documents and every type of free pass.
Then, in the following days, it is a strictly downhill road waiting for them.
They do not know racism and discrimination of any kind.
They have only to choose which city to settle in.
Which neighborhood to raise their children in.
Where to work.
Where, simply, walking among people, or even just standing still, enjoying the human right of rest on a planet that wears the geographical borders as one of the many freaks of the most insane species.
Boundaries that work as red-hot barbed wire for some and well-oiled revolving doors for them.
The welcome immigrants.
In other words, those with a million dollars in their pocket...

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