Friday, July 13, 2018

Fear of immigrants phobia: imagine it was a scam

Stories and News No. 1114

Imagine with me.
Imagine with me that it was all a fraud.
Imagine that migrants did not exist.
Exactly, imagine that there were no immigrants, illegal people and refugees.
Imagine that those kind of strangers never really existed.
Imagine that there were no arrivals and, therefore, shipwrecks too, luckily for them.
That there was really no need to repel or arrest.
Imagine being surrounded just by alleged rightful citizens.

The only ones who you might get angry with, for what does not work in your life, from now on.
Besides the much underrated yourself, of course.
Imagine that there was no creature with an alien skin that wanted to take possession of your job.
Imagine that outside your door there were no crowds of individuals loyal to a god unfamiliar to you who wanted to convert you to their beliefs.
Imagine that none of them aimed to take possession of your lands.
Of your traditions.
And of your women.
If they were really yours, obviously.
Imagine that this was logically impossible.
Being the different people from overseas or border only the result of your imagination.
That is, of those who invented them.
Imagine, in fact, that everything you knew about the threatening migratory flows you read it in newspapers or on the Internet, among the delirious plots of a social page or in any patriotic newsletter.
Imagine, therefore, that you had never really met the man who comes from afar.
Not having spoken to him and, above all, having listened to him.
Imagine never having looked him in the eye.
Not holding his hand.
Never walked beside him.
And, daring, perceived his real feelings.
Imagine being a prisoner of a deception.
Having fallen victim to an illusion built with astute and imbued with unscrupulous cynicism art.
Imagine with me, now.
Imagine with me, now, that migrants have never really existed in your life.
Imagine that it was just a damn nightmare.
Here, today, please.
I pray you with all my heart.
Wake up, and open your eyes once and for all...

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Axis of the willing: Triple Alliance 2018 deal

Stories and News No. 1113

Following the recent meeting in Innsbruck of the so-called Axis of the willing, anti-migrants ministers of Italy, Germany and Austria, here is a text inspired by the previous pacts among the same countries between the late nineteenth century and the beginning of ‘900 and the statements of the current protagonists.

Preamble, which remains almost identical, because history repeats itself, and sometimes even nightmares:
The signatories, motivated by the desire to increase the guarantees of general peace, to strengthen their governments and to ensure the maintenance of social and political order in their respective States, have agreed to conclude a treaty which, by its essentially conservative and defensive nature, it does pursue the aim of protecting them from the dangers that could threaten the security of their States and the tranquility of Europe.

Article 1: We expect that Europe will finally

return to defending the borders and the right and the security of the 500 million Europeans.

Article 2: If arrivals are reduced, minor internal problems between nations will also be solved and there will be no problem at the borders.

Article 3: Less migrants, fewer landings and less deaths.

Article 4: We will request support from the Libyan authorities, give Tripoli the right to repatriation and redistribution of the quotas for arrivals.

Article 5: We will ask international missions not to use Italy as a single point of arrival and support in rescue operations, protection and repatriation of thousands of illegal immigrants in the places of departure.

Article 6: We believe that this nucleus of friendship and concrete and efficient intervention of Italy, Germany and Austria will give a positive impulse to all Europe to recognize the right of asylum to that minority of women and children who flee from wars and avoid the arrival and death of tens of thousands of people who do not run away from any war.

Article 7: We want to introduce order in the migration policy but to guarantee a humanitarian approach and effectively protect the external borders of the European Union.

Article 8: Things are relatively simple, we three agree that we want to bring order.

Article 9: We want to send the clear message that in the future it should not be possible to be on European soil without the right to protection.

Words and delusions by Matteo Salvini, Horst Seehofer and Herbert Kickl.

Yes, I know what you may be thinking now.
First, the mad governments of the nations in the field, then as today, in the years immediately following the previous agreement, have contributed to the outbreak of two world wars.
Secondly, these do not appear to be articles, but just slogans.
Meaningless sentences.
Proclaims inside a perennial, xenophobic electoral campaign for the most fragile minds, to the detriment of desperate lives over the border.
Well, according to you, what else could the aforementioned gentlemen share?
What mostly worries me is what awaits us in the next years...

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

African story: the voices tribe

Stories and News No. 1112

In the midst of lots of lies and fake news about who lives, or here comes, from afar, here is a declaredly fictional African story...

"Grandma Ramakeele", says Ahmed, a few years old and immensely more numerous questions around the new one that awaits him on the horizon. "Where are the other tribes?"
The old woman, who has always asked to be called such, simply because she does not fear words, but their bad use and abuse, look beyond the child, towards the sunset that is slowly enveloping the village and as if she were both looking, she replies: "Imagine you want to move away from here, going to meet the rest of the world. Walk with constant pace, but not in a hurry, and at the moment when your attention will be focused on the others persons you will come across on the way, whoever they are, they will be part of the other tribes that you still ignore and, from that moment, you must learn to know them."
"What happens if one of those men will come to us?"

This time Ramakeele moves her eyes towards her nephew, as if she were considering the question worthy of a particular and total observation.
"In that case, something will occur inside you."
"You’ll begin to hear the speeches of one and even a thousand voices."
"Who are they?"
"They’re part of a special tribe that lives inside you."
"What will they tell me?"
"Many different things, but all similar.
"One will urge you to beat the traveler before he hits you.
"And another will invite you to be wary of the things he believes in.
"One will want to advise you on how to imprison him and to better control him.
"And another will beg you to condemn the way he loves his neighbor.
"One will encourage you to arm yourself in case of an attack.
"Another will suggest you to build a wall to defend yourself from others like him.
"And yet another will do everything to distract you from every moment of your existence except the danger due to the newcomer.
"One will ask you to allow him to protect you from the stranger.
"And another will complain about the presence of the latter even before its real entry.
"One will incessantly pursue the search for aspects of that man’s life who in some way will be harmful to yours.
"And another will also be able to show impudent in front of his own shameless lie, as if he had done nothing else until then, and so on."
"What voice will I have to follow, Grandma?" Ahmed asked with a restless expression, just thinking of being overwhelmed by such a delirious storm.
"None of them, nephew. As I explained to you, that tribe of voices lives within you, in the darkest part of your womb. He keeps away from the light and chooses to remain blind before all that is real and human in the world."
"And how will I behave with the man of the other tribe?"
"Look at him with your own eyes, listen to his voice with your own ears and decide what to do only with your head and your heart."

Well, I have the distinct idea that we have not only listened to those voices, but, having considered them all insanely reasonable, we have also entrusted our future to them...

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Right of asylum story

Stories and News No. 1111

Imagine living in a home where there is now a new guardian at the door, a public security officer, a bulwark to defend national culture.
Choose the version you prefer.
What matters is that today at the entrance of our common place there is him.
According to his vision, by way of example, if a person with health problems knocked, even if he was suffering from the most serious illness in the world, he would be able to slam the door on his face.

Someone voted him to do exactly that.
Always by way of example, if a pregnant mother rang the bell at the same door, maybe a girl at the last month, one step away from the blessed new light, he would have the power to turn her back and leave her on the road.
Or at sea.
Someone allied with him to make him do just that.
Still by way of example, in the case a child appeared on our threshold, his vulnerable age would not be enough reason to prevent him from doing the same, abandoning the young creature to his destiny.
Something fetid inside him, and others like him, wants him to do that.
Again by way of example when a random human being - because we are talking about this and you know that, if you still have a heart and a conscience, arrived at the entrance of our life with a past of abuse and suffering, the guard would be able to solve the problem with indifference and the only answers he knows before the misfortunes of the world.
A well closed door.
A tall wall.
An impassable border.
Nevertheless, in that same house, there are also many people, more than what is told or believed, who did not vote for the guardian, who did not ally with him and who have nothing inside to behave like him, regardless of what the law says.
And for some of them, who should be blessed and protected, giving asylum to those who need help is not just a right, but above all a duty.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Solution to Italy problem

Stories and News No. 1110

"Problem," the professor announces to his students, "which is also a story, but let's see it through numbers."
Because the numbers never lie*, the precious caption.
"Generalizing the proportions, but not too much, imagine living in a country of ten inhabitants and that you are represented, as minors, by those who don’t have the right to vote, three units."
"Does that mean that seven decide for us?" Asks a girl.
"That's right. Imagine now, always generalizing - but not too much, that on the election’s eve the main lineups in the field are the following: first, a so-called movement built on some promises, among all bringing citizens to power, in the name of honesty and transparency, as well as the discontinuity with the past. Secondly, a party aka League built on one promise among all, reducing the number of immigrants."
"Considering the country of ten inhabitants," one boy asked, "how many foreigners there are in proportion?"
"Rounding up," replied the teacher, "just one in ten. The third and final party is the self-defined democratic one, built on a series of failed promises, as it represents the defeated outgoing government."
"But are you talking about Italy?" Asked another

"No," replied the professor, "I'm talking about you."
But it will be understood at the end, the marginal note.
"Now imagine that, in the aftermath of the elections, the result was this: among the seven out of ten people entitled, two don’t go to the polls. Of the remaining five, let's assume that two voted for the changing movement, one for the anti-immigration League and one for the theoretically democratic party."
"So few?" Observes a student.
"Yes," Confirms the teacher. "However, imagine that the country - as the aforementioned party, self-defined as democratic and that the current electoral law allowed to rule the government thanks to certain alliances, despite what the real numbers say. In our problem, or story, let's say that the ball rightly ended up in the hands of the arithmetic winners and that’s what soon happens: the renewing movement, born and raised with the idea of interrupting any connection with the old parties, announces that it wants to ally with the highest bidder, that is, with those who share its program, despite this proposal concerns just two perfect examples of the past political seasons."
"What happens next?" Asks an intrigued young girl, as if she were listening to one of those improbable tales with a particularly implausible plot.
"What happens," continues the teacher, "is that, by not obtaining favorable answers, first the movement tries to negotiate with the xenophobic League, then turns on the democratic party, but then returns to knock the door of the League, and thus the new government was born."
"Professor?" Calls a boy from the last desk.
"What's the problem?"
"Still generalizing, the problem is seeing you now in that country of ten people. The problem is knowing that your destiny will be decided by a so-called majority voted by only three of those ten. The problem is that those who have been voted by only two of them, the so-called winners, are silently undergoing the arrogance and brazenness of the man who has been voted by one in ten citizens, who nevertheless expresses himself every day as if he were the absolute leader, who leads a party under investigation for corruption, but who claims to continue even once elected to shamelessly lie, claiming to speak on behalf of the entire population, and taking advantage of the ignorance of that one poor fellow who voted him."
"What is the solution to the problem?" Asks a girl at the first desk.
The teacher observes the class, then he makes a careful overview of the faces of each of the students and with a strong hope, takes a breath, and responds.
"You are."

*At the last elections in Italy, on a total population of 60.5 million, the citizens with the right to vote were around 51 million. The turnout was about 37 million people and abstention saw 14 million voters out from the polls. According to the results, the M5s at the Chamber had 10.7 million preferences, the PD 6.1 and the League 5.7, while at the Senate M5s took 9.7 million votes, the PD 5.7 and the League 5.3.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Football fan’s nightmare

Stories and News No. 1109

It's evening, the couch is ready, the fridge too, as well as the drinks attached.
Because there is no match without them.
Players? No, those are obvious, and this is the most sensational blunder.
Also shameful, I add.
The beers, I mean, possibly lots of them, so that they can soothe the pain for the eventual defeat.
The racist fan gains excitedly the living room and leads his indolent backside on the soft, before the cathodic altar.
The astonishing huge screen, purchased by installments and not yet fully paid, is waiting to be brought to the maximum of the soccer level.
He clicks the sacred button on the remote control and...
What's up?
Empty screen, white field, not even a reassuring green, nothing in attack as in defense, midfield absent and, above all, unprotected football goal, even more distressing scenario of a border without gendarmes.
Where are them?
Not the beers, gosh.
Where are the professional ball kickers?
The fan trembles like an irremediably dry leaf, but still with an angry desire to annoy the world.
Absolutely in vain.
The screaming creature, a supporter with the same obstinacy for the home team, as well as the free insulting towards the foreign one, finds himself in front of the perfect nightmare, not the storm.
No more world championships, but neither Champions League nor national championships, prestigious trophies or just makeshift cups to be conquered.
Because today's nightmare is nothing but the precise and coherent realization of yesterday's crazy dream.

In fact, in this shocking day, France found itself instantly deprived of its best players.
For the record, among them, the most scintillating French talent, Kylian Mbappé, followed his immigrant parents in Cameroon, Paul Pogba in Guinea and Ousmane Dembélé in Mali.
Same destiny for England, whose team is largely composed of brilliant second-generation diversities.
Dele Alli is now with his father in Nigeria, Marcus Rashford in Tanzania and Raheem
in Jamaica.
Identical fate for Belgium.
You know, it is really hard to identify citizens of thoroughbred origin in the national team, so the striker Romelu Lukaku flew to Congo, Marouane Fellaini to Morocco and Yannick Ferreira Carrasco is still at the airport, as he has not yet decided between dad’s Portugal or mom's Spain.
Do we want to talk about Switzerland? Come on, let's talk about what's left of it, because among others, Xherdan Shaqiri left for Kosovo, Granit Xhaka for Albania and Ricardo Rodríguez... well, almost same Carrasco’s dilemma, suspended between Chile and Spain.
And what about the blonde Germany?
Among the various exotic cases, Mesut Özil was spotted in Turkey with Sami Khedira, while the latest news on Jérôme Boateng end in Ghana.
The equally former Nordic Sweden has been similarly depleted of its talents, so Jimmy Durmaz is now in Syria, Martin Olsson in Kenya and John Guidetti in Brazil, just as Denmark has suddenly lost Yussuf Poulsen to Tanzania, Pione Sisto to Uganda and Thomas Delaney paradoxically thought it was a good time to return with his family to the United States.
Obviously, I think it is useless to mention the consequent disappearance from every screen and even trading cards album of champions from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and even Portugal, migrating nations by definition, or mere destination.
The fan is now victim of an overwhelming anxiety, suddenly fading his face skin, already pale of its own.
Because this is what happens if nightmares take literally the delirium of the dull ones.
The beers are what remain and the poor guy drains the whole and now only team on the field, the six ones.
What follows is a disturbed sleep, almost as much as the usual panic-stricken sleeper's vigil.
Later, the intolerant fan with public pride, despite his head aching from the violent hangover, lifts his eyelids hopeful and first grabs the trusted remote control.
May the god of the beginning whistle be blessed, he rejoices within himself.
It's the first time that he does not cry losing a game.
Because, although deprived of his spirited eyes and his frenzied screams, the match was played according to the rules.
Yeah, the rules, the fan thinks.
The game rules are important, but they must be updated, so that the sovereigns of the patriot sofa continue to enjoy their privileges.
Stop the immigrants, of course, let’s make the wall great again, it is clear, everyone in his country, is obvious.
Let the grabbing votes and idiots slogans remain so.
However, at the same time, the precious, opportunely tacit exceptions must be extended.
Go ahead for the rich people, whatever country they come from, and also those who are particularly good at playing football...

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