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African story: the voices tribe

Stories and News No. 1112

In the midst of lots of lies and fake news about who lives, or here comes, from afar, here is a declaredly fictional African story...

"Grandma Ramakeele", says Ahmed, a few years old and immensely more numerous questions around the new one that awaits him on the horizon. "Where are the other tribes?"
The old woman, who has always asked to be called such, simply because she does not fear words, but their bad use and abuse, look beyond the child, towards the sunset that is slowly enveloping the village and as if she were both looking, she replies: "Imagine you want to move away from here, going to meet the rest of the world. Walk with constant pace, but not in a hurry, and at the moment when your attention will be focused on the others persons you will come across on the way, whoever they are, they will be part of the other tribes that you still ignore and, from that moment, you must learn to know them."
"What happens if one of those men will come to us?"

This time Ramakeele moves her eyes towards her nephew, as if she were considering the question worthy of a particular and total observation.
"In that case, something will occur inside you."
"You’ll begin to hear the speeches of one and even a thousand voices."
"Who are they?"
"They’re part of a special tribe that lives inside you."
"What will they tell me?"
"Many different things, but all similar.
"One will urge you to beat the traveler before he hits you.
"And another will invite you to be wary of the things he believes in.
"One will want to advise you on how to imprison him and to better control him.
"And another will beg you to condemn the way he loves his neighbor.
"One will encourage you to arm yourself in case of an attack.
"Another will suggest you to build a wall to defend yourself from others like him.
"And yet another will do everything to distract you from every moment of your existence except the danger due to the newcomer.
"One will ask you to allow him to protect you from the stranger.
"And another will complain about the presence of the latter even before its real entry.
"One will incessantly pursue the search for aspects of that man’s life who in some way will be harmful to yours.
"And another will also be able to show impudent in front of his own shameless lie, as if he had done nothing else until then, and so on."
"What voice will I have to follow, Grandma?" Ahmed asked with a restless expression, just thinking of being overwhelmed by such a delirious storm.
"None of them, nephew. As I explained to you, that tribe of voices lives within you, in the darkest part of your womb. He keeps away from the light and chooses to remain blind before all that is real and human in the world."
"And how will I behave with the man of the other tribe?"
"Look at him with your own eyes, listen to his voice with your own ears and decide what to do only with your head and your heart."

Well, I have the distinct idea that we have not only listened to those voices, but, having considered them all insanely reasonable, we have also entrusted our future to them...

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