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Fear of immigrants phobia: imagine it was a scam

Stories and News No. 1114

Imagine with me.
Imagine with me that it was all a fraud.
Imagine that migrants did not exist.
Exactly, imagine that there were no immigrants, illegal people and refugees.
Imagine that those kind of strangers never really existed.
Imagine that there were no arrivals and, therefore, shipwrecks too, luckily for them.
That there was really no need to repel or arrest.
Imagine being surrounded just by alleged rightful citizens.

The only ones who you might get angry with, for what does not work in your life, from now on.
Besides the much underrated yourself, of course.
Imagine that there was no creature with an alien skin that wanted to take possession of your job.
Imagine that outside your door there were no crowds of individuals loyal to a god unfamiliar to you who wanted to convert you to their beliefs.
Imagine that none of them aimed to take possession of your lands.
Of your traditions.
And of your women.
If they were really yours, obviously.
Imagine that this was logically impossible.
Being the different people from overseas or border only the result of your imagination.
That is, of those who invented them.
Imagine, in fact, that everything you knew about the threatening migratory flows you read it in newspapers or on the Internet, among the delirious plots of a social page or in any patriotic newsletter.
Imagine, therefore, that you had never really met the man who comes from afar.
Not having spoken to him and, above all, having listened to him.
Imagine never having looked him in the eye.
Not holding his hand.
Never walked beside him.
And, daring, perceived his real feelings.
Imagine being a prisoner of a deception.
Having fallen victim to an illusion built with astute and imbued with unscrupulous cynicism art.
Imagine with me, now.
Imagine with me, now, that migrants have never really existed in your life.
Imagine that it was just a damn nightmare.
Here, today, please.
I pray you with all my heart.
Wake up, and open your eyes once and for all...

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