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Right of asylum story

Stories and News No. 1111

Imagine living in a home where there is now a new guardian at the door, a public security officer, a bulwark to defend national culture.
Choose the version you prefer.
What matters is that today at the entrance of our common place there is him.
According to his vision, by way of example, if a person with health problems knocked, even if he was suffering from the most serious illness in the world, he would be able to slam the door on his face.

Someone voted him to do exactly that.
Always by way of example, if a pregnant mother rang the bell at the same door, maybe a girl at the last month, one step away from the blessed new light, he would have the power to turn her back and leave her on the road.
Or at sea.
Someone allied with him to make him do just that.
Still by way of example, in the case a child appeared on our threshold, his vulnerable age would not be enough reason to prevent him from doing the same, abandoning the young creature to his destiny.
Something fetid inside him, and others like him, wants him to do that.
Again by way of example when a random human being - because we are talking about this and you know that, if you still have a heart and a conscience, arrived at the entrance of our life with a past of abuse and suffering, the guard would be able to solve the problem with indifference and the only answers he knows before the misfortunes of the world.
A well closed door.
A tall wall.
An impassable border.
Nevertheless, in that same house, there are also many people, more than what is told or believed, who did not vote for the guardian, who did not ally with him and who have nothing inside to behave like him, regardless of what the law says.
And for some of them, who should be blessed and protected, giving asylum to those who need help is not just a right, but above all a duty.

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