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Stories and News No. 1121

According to some scientists of the University of California, who study brain activity, the connectivity between the parts of the brain responsible for training and especially the conservation of memory increases after a short interval of physical exercises, even light, of ten minutes.

“You're eighty years old, Grandma Teresa,” he says, “how can you walk so much?”
“Ask the legs,” that’s what I answer.
Because I used to ask what I do not know.
“But the legs don’t speak,” he says, my nephew Mattia.
“Yes, but they still move and I do with them, may be blessed.”
He says: “Aren't you afraid of going around, alone?”
That’s what he says, Mattia, my nephew, who is fifteen years old and tells me about fear.
I explain: “If I were afraid, I wouldn't be still here.”
And I repeat it, two, even three times.
But not because I’m eighty, rather because he is fifteen and he talks about fear.

He says: “But there are immigrants.”
He says it, my nephew, and his eyes grow big.
He already has them big and I’m worried, I don’t want he explode here on the couch, becase otherwise… It comes and eat his remains.
It is the dog and I didn’t say my dog not by chance, since I don’t remember the name.
Differently, I would have said Roll, my Roll, but my loved animal died, and then the Mattia gave me... It, and I think I’ll call him like that.
He says, again, he says: “There are immigrants.”
And I add: “That there are also the sun, when it doesn’t rain, then the rain, when it rains, the sidewalk where I walk on, the BUS 747 that makes a lot of noise, the ambulances when they whiz and remind me of your grandpa in his last trip, those on Jim’s Bar, which are always in front of Jim’s bar, even on Sundays when it is closed, the three greengrocers who compete on the same street, the car electrician who, while working, he’s ever surrounded by at least ten people and none of them works, the garbage that accumulates in front of the bins, the guy who stands on the balcony and pretends to put the plants in order, the same plants that I fear sooner or later will throw down for his watering obsession, that store that always changes, because everything they try it fails, and now there is the lady that sews and because I like her, I would not her to disappear and I bring her the skirts, then I break them and I bring them back again, the other Bar, which no one goes there, some say they don’t wash the cups well, I think Jim of Jim’s Bar is saying that, but I'm not going to either of them, so there's the guy that fixes the TV, and he always has clients, but I think he does like Chaplin in The kid movie, so he enters the houses at night and damages the devices...”
Mattia now says, or he tries to say something, but I wave to him with the hand that I haven’t finished, I take a breath and I go on: “There is the pizza guy who is always angry, and I asked him why he is always angry and he explained to me that he is not always angry, that is his face and I told him I am sorry for him, and that’s the time he got really angry, and then there is also our building’s door whose lock is changed at least once a month because someone breaks down the key on purpose, luckily there is a good concierge, luckily the keys can be redone, luckily we can remedy a multitude of things around here.” And then, I repeat: “Luckily.”
He says, him, Mattia, says: “I do not understand.”
“What,” I ask, and I’m the one to have big eyes and eighty years, now, in front of him who is fifteen and says he does not understand.
He says: “Grandma, remember? I asked you about immigrants, that there are immigrants...”
Well, I tell him that I have a good memory, because I walk every day.
And yes, I know there are immigrants out there and a billion other things to think about.
To worry, of course, and also to be grateful of.
Luckily, I always say.

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