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Who represents us

Stories and News No. 1115 

"The rise to power of far-right politics is not just about the United States, but it’s part of a global phenomenon with a common enemy."
Spike Lee

My name is Laura and I'm sixteen years old.
That's okay.
I know very well that for many the brief premise is sufficient to change the road and navigate further.
A little more than a dozen years means many things, like ingenuity and consequent ease to delude themselves, among them.

I can’t deny it, but more than ever in this moment of my life I'm starting to wonder: are we sure that these prerogatives are uniquely typical of us, so-called teenagers?
I don’t know, right? I throw it out, and whoever wants to take it, can do it.
I'm here to share and perhaps we all are, even when we don’t realize it.
Anyway, I said, I'm Laura and I turned sixteen in August.
All right, okay, that's it. No birthday with friends all on vacation, but no problem anyway.
Over time you make a habit of everything, even the perennial birthday strictly in the family.
There’s worse, I know.
Like what passed in the head and especially the belly of people like Alex.
He’s in my class and this summer I often came back to mind what he said last autumn.
I saw that scene several times in my memory on three natural dimensions, that is imagination still at high regime, spontaneous predilection for strong colours and solid taste for extraordinary combinations.
Like the one between him and Liza aka Lizzy.
The two faced a singular struggle on the public classroom on the occasion of the students election precisely on the sixteenth of last October.
Yet Alex had begun well, you know?
"In spite of the alphabetical order that favors me, I give precedence to Liza," he declared before us gathered in a heartfelt and attentive listening. "Women has suffered too many abuses from my category, a sincere cavalry is just the minimum."
He had got also an applause, can you believe it?
Lizzy then took the floor a little hesitant, far from convinced that it was actually courtesy.
It wasn’t an enlightened statesman's speech, let it be clear.
Okay, no problem, we're talking about a school election, not even the whole institute, just my class.
Lizzy is nice and is a reliable, a good person, in short. I would even dare to say she’s completely honest, although there is always the ‘until proven otherwise’ that hangs over all.
In any case, to us, or to me, it was enough to know that. Words are worth little to the test of facts, isn’t it?
Isn’t it?
Immediately afterwards Alex went on stage, leaving the class amazed.
"It’s enough, it's time to destroy all, they have to go away."
He began in a thundering voice, before continuing in a deafening monologue with a lot of mouth-watering foam.
"The old representatives elected have thought only to their interests so far, they have done nothing for the students, this school is a disgusting place, the bathroom loses water on all sides, the plaster collapses to pieces, the desks are from the beginning of the last century, the chairs are rusty and the gym has too low ceilings. How can you play volleyball and especially basketball with the Hobbit model ceilings? Vote for me and I promise you books at no cost, free taxis for entry and exit to those living far away, chairs with soft seat and ergonomic backrest, laptops for each student, free cell phone in the classroom and bathroom with Jacuzzi."
Despite the revolting appearance of the drool, the public seemed to like Alex’s warmth and ravings.
The true essence of the problem is what he added below.
"The fault of this failure is on my predecessors - by now assuming his election, and especially the immigrants who are invading our classroom."
All of us could not help but move the common look on Zhang and Said.
John Zhang was born here by Chinese parents, who have one of those stores that sell a bit of everything, you know them, right?
Said is instead really born outside, exactly in Morocco, but he has been adopted.
So, to be precise, they don’t really migrated to our country.
However, it was immediately clear that the evidence of things was not the first of the requirements of Alex’s monologue, who with a nod of his head made turn on the IWB from his inseparable companion, Darius.
"These people are here to soil and damage the institute, to sell drugs in the baths and at the entrance to the school, to violate their comrades and especially their female companions, to impose their religion and to cancel our culture. Here are the evidences..."
Darius pressed a button on the laptop and the contributions of scary images and videos took place on the screen.
In each of them our two alleged foreigner companions appeared from time to time in the guise of drug dealers and rapists, vandals and fanatical fundamentalists ready to exterminate the entire school, all with bad digital effects and fake montages, all incredibly pathetic to say the least.
When the light came back we all burst out laughing and as we realized that Alex and his squire were not joking at all, but they seemed to believe seriously what they were trying to propose to us, the laughter became further noisy.
Obviously, the outcome of the election was obvious and Lizzy won almost unanimously, that is, all votes in favor of minus two, you know who, let alone me.
However, I go back to the beginning and reiterate.
My name is Laura and I have just turned sixteen.
I am still very young.
In the face of any reductive consideration, I immediately retaliate with a simple ‘no problem’.
Okay, all right, good. This doesn’t mean that I am not big enough to realize what is happening outside the borders of my school.
That's why from that fall day of last year I ask myself: how could you choose to be represented by someone like Alex?
And if this were to happen, how might one sit at the desk like nothing strange occurred?
Or dangerous?

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