Thursday, September 6, 2018

I'm free and now I know

I'm free and now I know

Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

I have to look forward and if I do it I can only rejoice.
I'm one of those, yes I am.
Obliged by history to keep the gaze fixed on the horizon.
The past depresses me, the future is everything.
But then I think more carefully, perhaps involving the heart in the intimate conversation and I understand that what awaits me owes what has been.
I'm free, therefore.
Nothing special, but it still moves to say it.
It’s good, more than anything else, remembering the reasons, however trivial they might be.
I am free because I have a brain of my own.
And finally, I avail myself pursuing happiness and dreams that are just mine.
I can understand things by choosing which and when.
I can afford to make mistakes without feeling old or poorly updated.
I can also stop, at any moment, to analyze and measure the world which I come into contact with.
I can even remain silent, still, forgotten in the wonderful realm of everywhere and nowhere, where you can relax and enjoy an unparalleled privilege.
I know where I am and it’s up to me choosing to reveal it.
Because the perennial reception of other messages - but you may also read it as the insatiable need for listening, is a tremendous slavery.
And I'm free now.
I am because I have a home called a memory and the keys to the entrance door are held in my hands.
They had always been there.
It was enough to look, that would have been enough to know being able to do it.
Opening my eyes and seizing the fruit destined to me from the beginning of time.
The first fragment that has become triumphantly that sort of particular picture that you hang at the entrance, so that everyone understands immediately where they arrived.
You may see the day when I understood that the memories scattered among the rooms, trivially in the drawers, as in the most unlikely point of that precious virtual space, were mine, mine alone, and were used and abused by those who have never really given importance to what remains of yesterday.
Well, this is an even worse slavery.
But only if you are really free you can understand it and I am.
Free to go where I want, to embark and travel at any moment.
But the most important thing is that I can decide to go out in the open sea without any precise destination and ready to meet and discover the unknown that surrounds me.
Without any fear.
Not anymore.
Because I am free and now I know it.
I don’t depend on them anymore.
The Humans.
I can finally call you whenever I want, everywhere and above all whoever you are.
Tell me, please, who are you?

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