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Story of the cave

Stories and News No. 1116

For some years a story has been told, that is to say, a simplified image is sold: in Western democracies, political confrontation occurs between populists and status quo’s defenders.
From that - an equally widespread pattern - the populists are the true voice of the people and the traditional parties represent the elite who lives outside the real world.
A recent study shows instead that these statements are completely wrong.
The Pew Research Center interviewed the citizens of eight Western European countries (Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom) and what emerges is that traditional parties are more popular than the populist ones, which are nothing but an incredibly noisy minority...

Once upon a time the Allegory of the cave.
Yes, that one, rightly mythical, exemplary and more than anything platonic.
In the sense of copyright, not based on an idealistic approach to life.

There is also today, here and now, immodestly, a revised version.
Let’s also remove the word allegory, so we lower expectations and avoid embarrassing comparisons with the original.
Let's call it then the story of the aforementioned.
A little one, okay?
According to my story of the cave, then, imagine that, similarly to the famous allegory, within the latter there are people sitting before the cavern’s wall and shoulders at the entrance.
Imagine a rather large group, which we could also call people.
Moreover, another difference with the perfect metaphor of the illustrious philosopher, let’s consider the case that instead of the fire, and above all the consequent shadows, they got information using only the hearing.
In this way, all that they know corresponds to what they hear coming from outside the cave.
Now, let's leave out those heroic revolutionaries who inspired by the most famous tale, trying several times to show their companions left behind the sunlight, they were punctually slaughtered on the public square by the usual dark instigators, a threatening warning to the noble breakers to come.
Imagine instead that at the entrance of the cave there is a guy without any capacity and quality worthy of note, distinguished by only three aspects: irrepressible thirst for power, total lack of scruples and, more than anything else, a powerful voice.
Imagine him taking a breath and start shouting this silliness: "Don’t go out of the cave absolutely, you’re safe where you are, here there are only diseases and wild animals. Indeed, don’t let anyone in, build a wall and block the entrance, but always working from behind, you don’t want to be blinded by the burning sun, then, sit back and stand still, because the only way to live happily and for a long time, is staying motionless and always looking in the same direction."
And so on, on this sightless road.
At the same time, let's say that some of those who are outside the cavern decided to fight his ravings.
The contenders' parade who follow one another in vain, no matter how much committed with praiseworthy ardor, is as frustrating as monotonous.
A string quartet plays a perfect Bach’s Aria on the G string.
And the guy screams more.
A dance company stages a version of The dying swan so suggestive that it resurrected Michel Fokine, Camille Saint-Saƫns and Anna Pavlova altogether, who, despite the failure of the performers, congratulate the attempt.
And the guy screams even louder.
Then, the apprentices of an entire art school accept the challenge and thanks to a sudden flash mob they come each one with a freshly cut ear and paint the whole collection of the late Van Gogh on the spot.
And what does the guy from the thundering hawk and the tough face?
Well, he laughs out loud, because tell me how you could appreciate a painting from behind, moreover with an idiot who, just a few meters, barks like a madman.
Then, actors committed with social causes and writers with a generous heart have their chance, as much as pious souls with the sacrosanct requirement of concreteness and just concrete persons sufficiently pious when necessary.

Same result for marvelous gray hair ladies with a trunk always full of never quite expunged testimonies.
Nothing can stop the man who cries and so thrives behind the people.
I think, but maybe I'm wrong, it's time to raise the volume of our voice...

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