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The world of lies

Stories and News No. 1120

Once upon a time the world of lies.
You can call it whatever you like.
Who cares about the exactness of syntax and semantics in the current narrative?
The people?
But now they’re there, they finally entered the power room.
The wonderful ordinary persons, the average citizen, traditionally known for virtues and skills that professional politicians never had.
You’re in the populist dream, now.

So, why you feel like living in a strange kind of nightmare?
Oops, don’t say it... hurry up!
Moderate the comments, indeed, block them and, while you're there, turn off everything.
Better not to read between the muddy backwash that could run over you.

It's all right, continue to share the reassuring mantra with others and especially yourself.
The parties you voted would have sold their soul to finally get on the saddle of the government steed.
You know what? They sold it.
They did it before you even start to listen about them.
It's all right, anyway.
Don’t even think about it, otherwise you’ll sleep badly.
Don’t post it on the group home, unless you are fond of a strong digital masochism.
So, come on, let's join the delusions of the leaders of all things, as long as they are viral and above all not requiring fine brains.
Eat the garbage of the strong men only with the weak ones, so your friends will no longer see the difference.
Because everything is fine, now.
Things have changed.
This is the good news.
In the past the candidates who made pre-elective promises without keeping them, they were vehemently attacked, then.
In the pseudo modernity which you woke up in, the aspiring ruler has filled with lies every inch of your neural bulletin board and once he has got the vote he has never stopped doing it.
That’s the consistency of the unpunished malefactor, who fools you before and after.
That's okay with you, isn’t it?
Stay sedated, still, don’t dare move your hands to the keyboard, let alone the brain to the voice, if not the memory.
Don’t say that your government has made you ashamed once again in front of the rest of the planet.
Don’t say what you know better than anything else.
In a few words, that migrants have never been the first problem in your country.
But not even the second, third and fourth.
For sure, not the only one.
If not, wait to remain just you, isolated, against everyone else, that you may read also as the administrators of the national social page.
You simply find yourself in the next phase that you don’t expect.
Because that's okay.
Everything is alright.
Repeat with me, everything is fine.
One more lie, one less, no one will notice.

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