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We are against...

Stories and News No. 1122

Yesterday evening, the Italian government set the limit for the budget deficit of 2019 to 2.4% of GDP, a result publicly celebrated by the leaders, but which could lead the already heavily indebted country into conflict with the European Union.

We are against...
We are against Europe.
Even if we have never left Italy.
Barely our city.
Spending whole days in our neighborhood.
Apartment block.
Maybe, with the exception of dancing in Spain, smoking in the Netherlands and eating crepes in Paris.
Anyway, we’re against.
Because we are, against...
Against the old politics.
Even if the new one is always political.
Even if, as the latter teaches, it often makes impossible promises.
Relaxing on the armchair.
Rejecting the contradictory.

Not accepting criticism.
Favoring friends, punishing enemies.
And, sooner or later, it coming to terms with those who really rule here, namely mafia or under a professional nickname.
Nonetheless, we are against...
With the chest out and the proud chin, we are.
Against immigrants.
Even if we've never seen one close up.
In the sense of really knowing him or her
Listened seriously.
Appreciating or not, but sincerely.
And yet, we are also against the foreigner if he is also a Muslim.
Even if we do not have the faintest idea of what his faith is.
Not having read the Koran.
Never having entered a mosque.
And above all, having never met a Muslim, actually.
Listened consistently, as well as despised or not, but loyally.
We are, therefore, against those who offend our religion.
Even if at most we remember it on Sunday and commanded holidays.
Or, much more frequently, not even then.
By blaspheming like talking, talking and doing more than ever, as if we were blaspheming.
This doesn’t make us less against...
Against the State that steals and delinque.
Although many of us don’t pay taxes.
And most of the time we drive passing with red, let alone slowing down with yellow, we don’t stop on the pedestrian crossing and if forced to slow down we yell to the pedestrian too.
Against, therefore.
We are against, says the motto, the cry, the slogan and the meme, that is, the verse.
What we repeat in chorus, possibly many.
Because that’s what we are.
In the truest and most important explanation that we have finally missed.
Against… us.

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