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Above and below

Stories and News No. 1131 As it has already been widely explained by many experts – also by the UN, regarding the link between migration and climate change , the latter are also among the reasons that have pushed South American farmers to move towards the USA. It's the atavistic conflict between up and down... Once upon a time a planet. I’m not necessarily talking about earth, so we can force the boundaries of possibilities and fear to dream. The planet, not the earth, was made of two parts. Above and below . Two men lived on them respectively. Well, I could also say two women. It would have been anyway a worthy beginning of a story. Indeed, much more deserving of page and words. However, this is not only a mere story, but also a problem, with lots of conflicts and as many unpleasant complications. So, I will talk about men, two to be precise. One lived on the upper side, on the north, at the top, and he was simply called that the man above . The other, for consis

We are not like you

This is not a tale, it's a news. Indeed, it is ‘ the news ’. Yesterday, Saturday, October 27, a 46-year-old man, Robert D. Bowers, entered a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where religious services were being held, and then killed eleven people and wounded six. Two of them are still in serious condition. The murderer is a right-wing militant, openly anti-Semitic and hostile towards asylum-seeking migrants. Yet, I say this clearly, so that ears can hear once and for all: we are not like you . I am talking about right politicians and all the press that feeds on the shared dung for a click of ads. I am talking about social accounts and pages against immigrants that, screaming their hate near elections, or as soon as the crime is carried out by the enemy manufactured at the table. As soon as we read the aforementioned tragedy, we do not begin to spread everywhere the idea that all right-wingers are murderers, they should be hunted and imprisoned, not worth of living in o

The Nation is in danger

Stories and News No. 1130 The Nation is in danger , shouts the commander in chief. And when the Nation is in danger, it must be defended at the cost of death. Of the enemy himself. Even before he becomes such. Even before he proves that. The Nation is in danger , warns the democratic dictator. Message received, answers the man in charge of internal security, which must be guaranteed at any price, even if it was the enemy ’s life. Although he is not yet so. Despite not yet proven to be, an enemy . Send immediately eight hundred men to the border , it’s the order . Nineteenth valiant servants of the Nation. Eight times a hundred kids dressed as warriors, so nobody will see innocence under the armor. Because the enemy is listening, therefore, keep quiet. Otherwise, he could take advantage of it and discover that there are creatures obliged to advance towards the border also on the other side of the latter. Nonetheless, the Nation is in danger because the enemy is n

The land of damned laws

The land of damned laws By Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher "Hello," says the newcomer, "I am a law." "Of course you are," replies the other at the entrance, "here we are all." "Why am I here?" Ask the first one. "And above all, where is it, here?" "Follow me," the other says preceding him inside the land where all of them, sooner or later, end. "See the one who barely walks along the steep slope?" "Yes, I see him well. But why does he have chains on his feet and hands? " "Because he is the law that allowed men to create slaves, selling and buying them them as if they were just goods." Because there was a time when all this was legal, says the silent counterpoint note. A few steps and another inevitable question. "Who is that poor guy, immobile in the square, with his arms tied behind his back and his ankles equally tight?" "He is the law that forbade women

Because people want it

Stories and News No. 1129 Everywhere in the world today there are countries facing the consequences of having elected populist governments, among the aftermath of Brexit in England, the continuous internal divisions in the US and the dangerous anti-European path taken by the Italian administration. All in the name of what people want... Once upon a time the people . Normally, the population . In full, the inhabitants . On paper, the citizens . Once upon a time, then, the people on the people side . Normally, a few . In full, the people’s leaders . On paper, the elected ones . Once upon a time, finally, what people want . Normally, the people's questions . In full, each inhabitant’s ambition . On paper, citizens' rights . But in the truth of reality, what do people really want? History teaches all and, where the ear listened, it often tells. It tells us that people want everything, they demand it immediately, and they have no interest in the way you will

Crazy train

Stories and News No. 1128 It seems that Jair Bolsonaro , the right-wing candidate in the currently bitterly contested elections in Brazil, has been accused of benefiting from the industrial and criminal fabrication of false news. A story already seen everywhere, in these last years, with our world running with unusual speed on senseless tracks... There is a train. No ‘there was’. It is now. And not once , but many, too many times, everywhere. Next to you. On the train, there are persons. Or, perhaps, I should say people. It pleases, the word gets lots of likes, today, not the species, as well absentmindedly read as human, because they provide stuff asking for answers. Among the people, there are two. They are sitting close, still, unaware, lost inside themselves. In other words, the sense of one among the many traveling on this unfortunate train. "Excuse me," one says. "Are you..." "Who?" The other replies, as if he were not used to suc


Mother By Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher The woman was desperate and confused. There was something wrong, in this, that is what the reason whispered. Nevertheless, we used to know that for many, too many, of this world, rationality is a too cumbersome luggage to travel with. Paul smiled at her while he crawled into the room, although the verb did not seem right to her, like so many of the language she had had to learn out of necessity and love for the future. The ten months child who she lived most of her daily life with did not seem ‘moving slowly across the floor on his hands and knees’ - as the dictionary said. The live who allowed her to eat, in a perfect mutual donation, was nicely clumsy in his actions, but because overwhelmed by a very healthy curiosity of the unknown beyond the centimeter that divided him from the infinity. He was in a hurry to live new moments and touch misunderstood perfections. There was something immensely right, in this, that’s what her heart

Garbage of the world

Stories and News No. 1127 Once upon a time an Italian and a Frenchman . This is the story , therefore. But we could also say there are an Italian, a French , etc. Like a joke , then. Maybe we talk about both, even if we do not realize it. Italian and French lived in two neighboring houses. Yes right, just like the respective nations. Near, but sometimes divided by hate. Similar, in some ways, despite often disagreeing. Likewise visceral, at times, though often in conflict because of a congenital rivalry. Nevertheless, as Lancelot states in his famous essay "Sorry, Arthur," - a clear remedial intention, what we contend for measures our true value . See Guinevere , for a more exhaustive comprehension. Anyway, exemplary representatives of the aforementioned States of belonging, Italian and French became trapped in a pernicious confrontation. It happened that, going out on a dark night without stars – perfect for unseemly actions, the French guy climbed over the sa

Stefano Cucchi story

Stories and News No. 1126 Thirty one year old Stefano Cucchi died on 22 October 2009 in Rome, Italy, during the precautionary custody. This fact gave rise to a famous case that involved some prison police officers, some doctors from the Regina Coeli prison, and some Carabinieri . On the occasion of the last, recent investigation , during the hearing of October 11, 2018, one of the defendants among the officers admitted the beating, calling into question his colleagues. The Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini has invited Stefano's sister to meet him, but Ilaria Cucchi has declared that she will do it when she will receive his apologies. In the meantime... Sorry, Stefano. Excuse us. Excuse me, so that the thing that most affected me closely – that you frequented the drug addiction communities of CEIS when I was still working there, I discovered it only after your death. Excuse me too, and so every inhabitant of this fragmented country, if we have not yet understood

The true story of the man who invented Internet

The true story of the man who invented Internet By Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher How much of true history we remember. And how much of liar pieces of one we should forget. At the same time, how many small, unlikely, but real stories we ignore. Like the names of all those who unconsciously discovered something remarkable. In the wrong place or time. Like the man who invented Internet, without knowing it. Once upon a time, therefore, a long time ago, a remote island of the Pacific Ocean. A community of humans lived there, let’s remain on the generic road, so everyone will feel involved and no one will be exiled beyond the wall. The remote island’s human community loved to call itself a tribe. I wanted to say it from the very beginning, but I was afraid of evoking the usual disqualifying clich├ęs about savages, bare-body and living in huts around the fire. Well, in fact, to tell the truth, that is all true, but not in the diminishing meaning mentioned above. They were

We became extinct

Stories and News No. 1125 This is the time . That’s now. The time when Yann Aguila, president of the environmental committee of the Club des Juristes, Antonio Herman Benjamin, magistrate at the National High Court of Brazil, the president of the IUCN world commission on environmental law, as well as former president of COP 21, Laurent Fabius and 128 others ask for the adoption of a third pact that establishes a new generation of fundamental commitments: the rights and duties of States, public and private bodies and people involved in environmental protection . Nevertheless, this is the moment . That’s today. The moment when the president of the most powerful and most polluting country in the world, who in the past had defined climate change as a "hoax", said that he will only take a look at the recent alarming report by the United Nations. This is also the moment when the Florida residents are preparing to face a frightening hurricane as they have never seen. Wit

Missing Nobel

Stories and News No. 1124 The Nobel Peace Prize 2018 was given to Denis Mukwege , a Congolese doctor and activist considered the world's leading expert in the treatment of physical harm caused from rape, and Nadia Murad , an Iraqi human rights activist. In August 2014, then a young student, Nadia was taken prisoner by ISIS, following an attack against the village of Kocho. At least 600 people from the Yazidi community had been murdered, including 6 of her brothers. Later, with more than 6700 women, Nadia was enslaved, suffering beatings, cigarette burns and abuse of all kinds. Three months later she escaped from his captors and went to Stuttgart, Germany, becoming in fact an immigrant, a clandestine, a refugee and, four years later, a Nobel Prize... Once upon a time the first monster who violated the tenderness with a noble future. The torturer who preceded the others. Those who have acted or even just looked, in a miserable ranking of truce cowardice, if there really is

The game of life

The game of life By Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher In a not so far future... "Wow," says the young man lifts his eyelids altogether,"I guess it worked..." "What?" He boggles, because he had not seen the guy on the threshold of the strange room. "Who are you?" "Your administrator, sir," replies the man, black trousers and tie of the same colour on a shirt even whiter and impeccable than the walls. "What worked?" "The time machine... because this is the future, right?" "It depends on what you mean by the past, sir." "I don’t get it..." "Nothing, forget it, let’s worry about the game, instead." "What game?" "What a silly question, sir: the game of life." At that moment the boy focuses on some aspects that are anything but negligible. Despite being on the same laptop chair which he had made the futuristic leap from, there is no longer the latter b

Universal declaration of human abuses or inhuman rights

Stories and News No. 1123 Thinking about, thinking about the difference between a just and an unjust law , thinking about what is the duty before the latter inside who aspires to have an active, perhaps intentionally virtuous and socially useful role, also thinking about what our global community’s consideration of human rights is becoming, applying a sort of actual amendments to the famous Declaration , I am committed to tell a more realistic storytelling of the world which we should be indignant to live in... Article 1 Few human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience, but have no obligation to act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. Article 2 A small and privileged minority of persons are entitled to all the rights and freedoms enunciated in the present Declaration, made due distinctions for reasons of race, color, sex, language, religion, political opinion or otherwise. The aforementioned differentiation