Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Above and below

Stories and News No. 1131

As it has already been widely explained by many experts – also by the UN, regarding the link between migration and climate change, the latter are also among the reasons that have pushed South American farmers to move towards the USA.
It's the atavistic conflict between up and down...

Once upon a time a planet.
I’m not necessarily talking about earth, so we can force the boundaries of possibilities and fear to dream.
The planet, not the earth, was made of two parts.
Above and below.
Two men lived on them respectively.
Well, I could also say two women.
It would have been anyway a worthy beginning of a story.
Indeed, much more deserving of page and words.
However, this is not only a mere story, but also a problem, with lots of conflicts and as many unpleasant complications.

So, I will talk about men, two to be precise.
One lived on the upper side, on the north, at the top, and he was simply called that the man above.
The other, for consistency and narrative convenience, was called the man below and he lived on the bottom floor, to the south.
Now, you know how nature works. There is nothing personal or preventive.
Since world is life ‘above’ means advantages and vice versa for ‘below’.
Random examples: river is fresher at the source than in the valley, above the trees there are the healthiest fruits, while the fallen ones become prey to worms, on the top of the mountain the air is cleaner than in the plains and observing the things up to the clouds, the value of human creatures is much more real than on the surface, where the mediocre ones look like giants and the sublime souls are crushed by the latter.
So let's say it.
The guy above had a better life than the one below.
Now, the easy optimism that dwells within you would lead you to think that the former was aware of his undeserved good fortune and that he was sympathetic to the needs of the other.
However, perhaps it is appropriate to take the aforementioned candor and update it to the harsh reality, since the favorite from destiny was not only convinced that he had gained the privileged position by divine right, but also that he also had the prerogative to rob the neighbor below.
So, now addicted to the unjust course of history and his mocking cynicism, the one above began to satisfy his greed for the gifts of nature in a gargantuan way, revealing an inconsiderate lack of respect for the planetary balance.
Nothing happened for a long time.
Then, the first consequences of this selfish attitude showed up.
Not for him, but for the other, the man below.
Because if fate chose an iniquitous narrative for its protagonists, it did things right. In addition, when human justice is over, the only one to prove himself coherent is precisely the case.
So, it happened that the man who lived to the south of this tale began to pay the never contracted debt.
For a whole year devastating storms attacked his home and frightful hailstorms destroyed his crops.
And during the next one a terrible drought dried up the land, while hardships and diseases exterminated the cattle.
The following year, the rain proved to be overwhelming and the hurricanes rushed over the estates.
And so on, from year to year, up to crumble any hypothesis of future for that inadequate latitude.
The man downstairs could find no other solution than to trace the current of the inverse fatality, and set off backwards, towards the only alternative to the end.
That is, the beginning of all the evils and this story too.
Now, where optimism has been rightly banned, a strong belief in the human capacity to make use of reason would lead you to imagine the man above reacting with solidarity before the arrival of the neighbor.
However, maybe we need to take the aforementioned trust and place it in the trunk of the overestimated qualities of the alleged intelligent biped, because his response was to build a huge, high and impenetrable wall to prevent the other to enter.
Nevertheless, as already mentioned, we knows how nature works.
Nothing personal, or premeditated.
From what world is a story, what goes down sooner or later comes up.
Therefore, even on the parts above it began to rain more and more insistently and violently.
In spite of this, where luck had favored only one of the protagonists, the latter reversed the fate of both, however unconsciously.
Because from what world is nature, what comes up sooner or later must go down.
Unless there is an incredibly tiny, miserable and dull brain.
In short, the man above was submerged by the water, while the man below, unexpectedly protected by the big and unbreakable wall, he could calmly rebuild his house and cultivate his land with serenity.

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

We are not like you

This is not a tale, it's a news.
Indeed, it is ‘the news’.
Yesterday, Saturday, October 27, a 46-year-old man, Robert D. Bowers, entered a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where religious services were being held, and then killed eleven people and wounded six. Two of them are still in serious condition.
The murderer is a right-wing militant, openly anti-Semitic and hostile towards asylum-seeking migrants.
Yet, I say this clearly, so that ears can hear once and for all: we are not like you.
I am talking about right politicians and all the press that feeds on the shared dung for a click of ads.
I am talking about social accounts and pages against immigrants that, screaming their hate near elections, or as soon as the crime is carried out by the enemy manufactured at the table.
As soon as we read the aforementioned tragedy, we do not begin to spread everywhere the idea that all right-wingers are murderers, they should be hunted and imprisoned, not worth of living in our society.
We do not yell, tugging at our garments, pointing to the right people as responsible for the dead, for all the innocent dead.
We do not use the pain of others to build consensus.
We do not take advantage of fear and dismay at such terrible events, to create the favorable climate of the next elections.
We are not like the current governments, in Italy, as in the US, in Hungary, as in England, in Austria, as in many, too many other nations, that won the elections in this way.
This is the reality and it must be said, every day, it must be remembered to those who guide these countries and especially those who voted for them.
These people are in power only thanks to this damn fraud, it's all there.
It was enough for them to do what we don’t and never do.
I mean exploiting every, I repeat, every news that in some way depicts the immigrant as dangerous and evil, brutal and cruel, to make ‘the news’.
At a certain point it worked so well that many of them even started to just invent stories...
Well, I'm not like you.
Not like you that profit from the suffering of the world and you, who support them, continuing to do it, from the vote to the servants ‘likes’ and the disturbing ‘smile’ on social media.
I will not write, neither today nor ever, that all right people kill the Jews.
Even if they did it in the past, they did it so much.
Even if at this moment they are guiding my country and have made it divided and intolerant almost like at the beginning of the last century.
That's why we have to write and shout, making all hear as much as possible.
We are not like them.

Friday, October 26, 2018

The Nation is in danger

Stories and News No. 1130

The Nation is in danger, shouts the commander in chief.
And when the Nation is in danger, it must be defended at the cost of death.

Of the enemy himself.
Even before he becomes such.
Even before he proves that.
The Nation is in danger, warns the democratic dictator.
Message received, answers the man in charge of internal security, which must be guaranteed at any price, even if it was the enemy’s life.
Although he is not yet so.
Despite not yet proven to be, an enemy.
Send immediately eight hundred men to the border, it’s the order.
Nineteenth valiant servants of the Nation.
Eight times a hundred kids dressed as warriors, so nobody will see innocence under the armor.
Because the enemy is listening, therefore, keep quiet.
Otherwise, he could take advantage of it and discover that there are creatures obliged to advance towards the border also on the other side of the latter.
Nonetheless, the Nation is in danger because the enemy is near.
He can be seen almost with the naked eye.
Without the need, or opportunism, to sell the ambiguous image in delay.
And although if he is really an enemy isn’t yet obvious, although the evidence is only in the outcries of the supreme leader who yells from the top of the highest mountain, the danger is real.
To him and those like him.
Because the alleged enemy is composed of women and children united by the desire to measure the future in months, years, even entire generations, and not mostly the next day.
Because among the ranks of the so-called enemy there are fathers and sons who have survived poverty and hardship. And, unlike the citizens of the Nation, they are certainly not frightened by a delirious orange-haired barker.
Because the people they call enemy are a huge one extended family fed by shared affection for the earth and the sky as a common space, and when you can walk on the former, sure that the latter will protect you, you will walk and smile to the horizon.
Because those who in this absurd tale are playing the role of the enemy are pervaded by a portentous kind of euphoria that has been forgotten inside the Nation.
The one of those who finally set off together with everyone, for the good of all.
The one of those who know they are on the right track, regardless of how big the obstacle will be on the way.
The one of those who already know that will win neither the war nor the battle.
Because the war and the battle have been invented by the Nation and its sovereign.
That's why, in this exceptional day of panic and courage, he cannot help but shout, slobbering with rage: the nation is in danger.
And as long as there are enemies like these ready to challenge his meanness.
Rejoice, inhabitants of the human planet.
It means that there is still hope...

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

The land of damned laws

The land of damned laws

Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

"Hello," says the newcomer, "I am a law."
"Of course you are," replies the other at the entrance, "here we are all."
"Why am I here?" Ask the first one. "And above all, where is it, here?"
"Follow me," the other says preceding him inside the land where all of them, sooner or later, end.
"See the one who barely walks along the steep slope?"
"Yes, I see him well. But why does he have chains on his feet and hands? "
"Because he is the law that allowed men to create slaves, selling and buying them them as if they were just goods."
Because there was a time when all this was legal, says the silent counterpoint note.
A few steps and another inevitable question.
"Who is that poor guy, immobile in the square, with his arms tied behind his back and his ankles equally tight?"
"He is the law that forbade women to vote and speak in public, to be elected and to take any other action that was instead guaranteed by rights to men."
Because there was a time during which such abuse was legal, the tacit echo entrusts to the wind.
More few meters, in the bizarre place and the interrogation continues.
"What about those unfortunates, one behind the other with their heads bowed, forced by as many jailers to march towards the darkness on the horizon?"
"These are the laws that in the past history have allowed the most despicable kind of humans to systematically exterminate their own species for their origins and their beliefs."
Since there was a time, and perhaps there is still, when this abomination was legal, that’s the invisible as precious caption to the sad scene.
Further journey into the mysterious elsewhere and a new question is asked.
"What are the cries coming from that building?"
"Those are painful voices of such an unjust nature that they are indigestible even to say the name."
"Tell me, I still want to know."
"But you know them, you already know the answer, because you're guilty of the same question."
The latest arrival in the grotesque community approaches the palace above and lends ear with greater effort.
A few moments and suddenly he seems to fade, almost disappearing between the panic of his face.
"Exactly", says the other. "At the bottom of your heart, you know perfectly the laws that have made children beating as an inviolable right of the monster called master and doing likewise with their wives a privilege of the ogre disguised as a husband."
"But the screams are a lot, too many..."
"Yes, you're right, because inside that damned building there are also the laws that have granted to the ruler government, as the institution deputized by the latter, to become whip and nails, cold prison and hot oil, dagger’s tip or simple hammer, to slowly devour the martyr, unfortunate body. "
Because there was a time when such infernal practices were authorized by the law, murmurs the bitter under text to the disturbing paragraph.
"Who are you?"
"I am the worst law, the missing one, the law that sinned with ignorance and infamous complicity, despite having the basic requirement to remedy the granted crime. Because I am the law that could have saved billions of innocent lives, but that no one has even had the courage to write."
"What is your sentence?"
"Knowing you all and tearing into eternity in the irrepressible remorse."
The new presence in the land of damned laws slowly begins to cry.
"You, instead," demands the law that could have done justice with all the others. "Who are you?"
The other raises his face streaked with tears of scorching shame and thus replies: "I am the law that today, right now, allows entire nations, even continents, to treat other human beings as creatures of lower right and value, to use words like immigrant and illegal to mark and possibly stain them, to dehumanize, imprison and torture them with impunity, erasing their past, present and future as insignificant times in the human calculation. As if it were normal and civil, tolerable as modern practice."
Because there was a time, and it is now, when all of that is legal...

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Because people want it

Stories and News No. 1129

Everywhere in the world today there are countries facing the consequences of having elected populist governments, among the aftermath of Brexit in England, the continuous internal divisions in the US and the dangerous anti-European path taken by the Italian administration.
All in the name of what people want...

Once upon a time the people.
Normally, the population.
In full, the inhabitants.
On paper, the citizens.
Once upon a time, then, the people on the people side.
Normally, a few.
In full, the people’s leaders.
On paper, the elected ones.
Once upon a time, finally, what people want.
Normally, the people's questions.
In full, each inhabitant’s ambition.
On paper, citizens' rights.
But in the truth of reality, what do people really want?
History teaches all and, where the ear listened, it often tells.

It tells us that people want everything, they demand it immediately, and they have no interest in the way you will get it.
People, becoming crowds and chaos, often kill, overwhelm, and crush everything without looking back.
People pollute themselves and the rest of the living planet.
People dehumanize the most vulnerable plots of their reason as the most fragile tissues of the heart.
History has shown us that people are able to condemn entire generations to death, sacrificing just as many persons for their own benefit.
People have destroyed natural or artificial perfections with the same imprudence.
People voted assassins and murdered pure souls with the same cruelty.
People have burned the candor of their children with the monstrous claim to survive them.
Denying them the benefit of the present dream and the freedom of gambling on the future.
People, in every age, created enemies from nothing and made them martyrs without hope.
People, in every age, have silenced the unhappiness of billions of existences on the edge of the world favored by fate.
People have created borders, never a community.
People have built prisons, never redemption.
People have punished masses of guilty by an innocence too difficult to understand and denied justice to as many clear human creatures, culpable of being born with the clock in advance.
Today's people are children of yesterday's.
That is, the people of the planetary extermination wars and monstrous killing devices.
The people who raised skyscrapers on the graves of the natives and who, at best, made them slaves of their conquests.
Once upon a time, therefore, the people and those who are here to satisfy the desires of both.
Characters and scenarios already encountered between the pages of history and in the echo of its underrated storytelling.
Well, how it was in the past, may someone protect us from what people want...

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Crazy train

Stories and News No. 1128

It seems that Jair Bolsonaro, the right-wing candidate in the currently bitterly contested elections in Brazil, has been accused of benefiting from the industrial and criminal fabrication of false news.
A story already seen everywhere, in these last years, with our world running with unusual speed on senseless tracks...

There is a train.
No ‘there was’.
It is now.
And not once, but many, too many times, everywhere.
Next to you.
On the train, there are persons.
Or, perhaps, I should say people.
It pleases, the word gets lots of likes, today, not the species, as well absentmindedly read as human, because they provide stuff asking for answers.
Among the people, there are two.
They are sitting close, still, unaware, lost inside themselves.
In other words, the sense of one among the many traveling on this unfortunate train.
"Excuse me," one says. "Are you..."

"Who?" The other replies, as if he were not used to such a scene.
"Him, that guy..."
"That guy."
"So what?"
"Are you that guy?"
"Yes I am."
The silence between them returns, the nothingness of normality, or the habit to nothingness, and I do not know what is worse.
Just a moment, however, because the first one goes on.
"I voted for you, you know?"
"Good boy."
"Yes, good boy. But before elections, you had promised that train would have been on time, didn’t you? I waited an hour on the platform..."
"I never said it, my spokesman did, a moron, he wrote it on Facebook, I've already fired him."
Another break, less short than the previous one.
"You made a tweet to say you would lower the ticket’s price. It’s doubled, instead..."
"It was not me, but my mother-in-law, she's the one who ran my Twitter profile. But don’t worry, I'm erased her."
"Did you kill her?!"
"No, what are you thinking about? When I was elected, my wife left me. You know, cheating is now too visible to both, and then..."
"Of course."
A few seconds later and the guy insists.
"Now that I remember... you also made a live stream saying you would buy brand new wagons, but everything falls apart here and it’s a pigsty..."
"Ouch! The virus..."
"Are you okay, man?"
"Never been better, I was talking about the computer virus which those Dem infected me with."
"Damn Communists..."
"No... what did you understand? First of all, those were never communists, I meant the Democratic Pirates, who send viruses to everyone. They don’t make any distinction, you know? They’re really democratic."
"So it was not you in the video, but the virus."
Yet another interval and the disappointed voter tries the last claim.
"Excuse me, but you, and I mean you, did not write a post on your blog, I repeat, your personal website, where you said you would not ally with the thieves and the old sluggish politics, and the citizens would have had a skillful and transparent administration? Instead, you seems to be linked to the most shady in the band, and the government seems a jumble of incompetents in the frail, doing nothing but contradict each other..."
"Look, I want to be honest with you, I am and I will always be at your disposal, I’m a simple person, a normal citizen, like you, and it’s right that you know the truth.
"Of course, you should, tell me."
"The post you read was manipulated by extraterrestrial forces that, together with CIA, immigrants and anti-patriotic homosexual Jewish lobbies, they want to stop our mission."
"They were aliens, so."
"That's right."
"Are you making fun of me?"
"Of course, but I really would not to, I'm possessed by the elves of Madagascar, who thanks to the clandestine power ring want to delete our national identity..."
And so on, from station to station.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018



Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

The woman was desperate and confused.
There was something wrong, in this, that is what the reason whispered.
Nevertheless, we used to know that for many, too many, of this world, rationality is a too cumbersome luggage to travel with.
Paul smiled at her while he crawled into the room, although the verb did not seem right to her, like so many of the language she had had to learn out of necessity and love for the future.
The ten months child who she lived most of her daily life with did not seem ‘moving slowly across the floor on his hands and knees’ - as the dictionary said.
The live who allowed her to eat, in a perfect mutual donation, was nicely clumsy in his actions, but because overwhelmed by a very healthy curiosity of the unknown beyond the centimeter that divided him from the infinity.
He was in a hurry to live new moments and touch misunderstood perfections.
There was something immensely right, in this, that’s what her heart suggested later, and she could not help but agree.
However, the suffer in her chest did not diminish, far from it.
She did not lose sight of Paul, not even for a fraction of a second, but with her free hand grabbed the cell phone and she began to call all her small world.
Wrong or right, it should not have happened at that time.
Not like that.
Not with her.
Not after the outburst heard by the true protagonist in the opening credits, as in the queues.
The main star on the poster.
The one who is first interviewed and then applauded.
Right or wrong, since the world is the world, and not heaven, the extras do not deserve flashes.
They have no name or even face.
They all serve to the primal cause and, where they have a voice, it is a negligible and unrecognizable sound among the many.
They appear and disappear in the living plot of modern society.
However, they receive the compensation that is due to them at the end of the day.
They should not complain, but be happy with having something more than nothing.
This what the script recites, that is, the small written warnings for the equally elementary souls.
Here is what crime she felt and thought she had done, even if she had just been there, in that wonderful moment.
She had violated the sacred rules and could not help thinking back to the words she had taken the night before.
The shining dive was complaining to the male co-star.
She was mad at with him and the whole world for the injustice she felt she was suffering.
In short, below, the conclusion.
Paul's mother returned home first and, when the caregiver decided to be brave and confess the terrible violation of the terms foreseen from the human decree, even the father came home.
Well, everyone is here, she thought, even if wrong, it's right to be honest with yourself.
It is a vocation to extras of this world they can’t really renounce to.
"Madam, I have to tell you something," said the woman in front of the landlords, with the child sitting on the ground behind her. "I'm very sorry, but this morning Paul looked at me, smiled and..."
At that exact moment, the scene was subtracted from the beginner actor.
The concerned person, at least on paper, was immediately shocked. She pushed the caregiver to the side with abrupt gentleness and threw herself on her knees before his son, followed soon after by her husband, who, unlike his wife, had already listened to the long-awaited little word that was due to him.
"Did you hear, honey?"
"Yes, my love."
"He said mom!"
"Yeah, he did."
The other woman, a minor character in the background of the main frame, suddenly felt relieved and taking advantage of the expected scheme, tried to leave the scene.
"Fatima, wait", Paul's mother called. "What did you want to tell me?"
"Nothing, madam, it’s not important. See you tomorrow."
A moment later the parents were again all eyes and smiles on their son.
"Come on, Paul," her mother begged him. "Say it again, say it..."
The child did not wait.
And staring at the door closed beyond the two, he exclaimed the magic word, wrong or it should be.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Garbage of the world

Stories and News No. 1127

Once upon a time an Italian and a Frenchman.
This is the story, therefore.
But we could also say there are an Italian, a French, etc.
Like a joke, then.
Maybe we talk about both, even if we do not realize it.
Italian and French lived in two neighboring houses.
Yes right, just like the respective nations.
Near, but sometimes divided by hate.
Similar, in some ways, despite often disagreeing.
Likewise visceral, at times, though often in conflict because of a congenital rivalry.
Nevertheless, as Lancelot states in his famous essay "Sorry, Arthur," - a clear remedial intention, what we contend for measures our true value.
See Guinevere, for a more exhaustive comprehension.
Anyway, exemplary representatives of the aforementioned States of belonging, Italian and French became trapped in a pernicious confrontation.
It happened that, going out on a dark night without stars – perfect for unseemly actions, the French guy climbed over the sacred enclosure separating private properties, conquered by force or subtracted by deception, causing death and suffering to generations after generations of innocent populations, fully explained.
In one word, the border.
To do what?
Well, to throw not one, but two trash bags on the Italian garden.
The latter’s owner did not take long to notice the outrage, even because he was very fond of order and cleanliness, as well as compliance with established rules. Think that he would have paid up to 49 million euros to see them respected. However, his family had already spent them, so, let's move on.
The guilty tried to justify himself: "I’m sorry for what happened, it was a mistake, I arrived in the area a few days ago and I don’t know the place well..."
"It's an international disgrace," the Italian replied. "The French cannot pretend anything. We don’t accept the apology. Leaving trash in my garden can not be considered an error or an accident. What happened is an unprecedented offense against my house, and I wonder if international organizations, starting from the UN up to European Union, don’t find it vomiting to leave their waste in an isolated area of the lawn of others, without assistance and no reports. A sign, a simple warning, just to distinguish organic recycling or not."
On this regard, the injured party added: "What was really in those garbage bags? Where did they come from? And why were they abandoned?"
This was only the beginning.
Or, perhaps, it is the very end of the story, which is repeated, in increasingly rancid forms, every day.
A demonstration of where we can go, indeed, fall in such a grotesque feud around ever rotten motivations, which corrode themselves as the litigants in the field.
I am not referring to the object of contention, made negligible, inert thing by the growing atrophy of our minimal reasoning ability.
I'm talking about a virus that has become epidemic over time and it is spreading everywhere.
Once upon a time, therefore, there was an Italian, a Frenchman and the whole world.
Prisoners of a story and a joke at the same time.
Or, maybe, that is a farce, where we could replace the word garbage with human lives, and the absurd moral would be the same: for nothing we make war on each other and what would be worth fighting, which we should defend and care for, to us, it's nothing too.
Like simple trash...

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Stefano Cucchi story

Stories and News No. 1126

Thirty one year old Stefano Cucchi died on 22 October 2009 in Rome, Italy, during the precautionary custody. This fact gave rise to a famous case that involved some prison police officers, some doctors from the Regina Coeli prison, and some Carabinieri.
On the occasion of the last, recent investigation, during the hearing of October 11, 2018, one of the defendants among the officers admitted the beating, calling into question his colleagues.
The Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini has invited Stefano's sister to meet him, but Ilaria Cucchi has declared that she will do it when she will receive his apologies.
In the meantime...

Sorry, Stefano.
Excuse us.
Excuse me, so that the thing that most affected me closely – that you frequented the drug addiction communities of CEIS when I was still working there, I discovered it only after your death.
Excuse me too, and so every inhabitant of this fragmented country, if we have not yet understood that what in your life concerned us was everything.
Everything we observe, of lives like yours, but we very easily forget, and what we do not see because we choose to look at the pleasant side of the monitor.
Stefano Cucchi
Sorry, really, for those who have not yet apologized.
I am also sorry for those who insist on using drug addiction like the sin that often absolves everyone, even the real culprits.
For this reason, you and all the others, misunderstood souls, excuse us for having exchanged your fragility for a damn syringe or a handful of miraculous dust.
To the point that the incurable addicts of that forbidden stuff are those who sell it, talk about it, earn it, but never use it, taking advantage of the naive victims on the way.
Sorry, Stefano, if many people needed to watch you on a movie, to think about your story.
Excuse us, then, for the truth that many do not say.
That everything we read on the newspapers, we have seen on the irrefutable evidence of your flesh with impunity disfigured, and shamefully disgraced by the politicians who over time have succeeded, we already knew.
Sorry, Stefano, because you were born in a nation that denies the evidence until death, and for some – as in your case, even years later.
Sorry, because despite what happened to you, observing the current government I have the distinct impression that it will happen again to others.
Sorry, because I'm afraid it's happening right now, where intervention requires a civil conscience and simple human empathy we do not yet have.
Send our apologies to your sister and your whole family, not for today's silence, but for the indifference and even the hostility of yesterday.
Sorry for your brothers of fate lame martyred under an even thicker veil of bitter injustice.
Sorry, because words, now, are of little use.
Even when they apologize.
Sorry, Stefano, if maybe one day we will be able to lay the foundations for a society of enough civilization to make your story as inadmissible.
Because in that case we will realize that it would have not took much to save your life and that of too many like you.
Sorry, therefore, for every moment of your descent towards the end when someone could have grabbed your hand and brought you back to the surface.
Sorry for legalized violence, Stefano, sorry for all those who still today, at this precise moment, work incessantly at every level, with gestures and words, laws and proclamations to keep alive the fire of hatred between us.
Sorry for the future you did not have.
Sorry if many have not yet understood that when it is the State to kill means that we are all guilty, which is not only the task of family members or friends of the victim, to remedy, to make sense of the unacceptable grief and do every effort to ensure that social crimes do not happen again.
I could and we could go on apologizing to you until we breathe and maybe we should.
This also means remembering.
Because the preservation and defense of memory must begin with the facts which we are most ashamed of.
So, dear Stefano.
From now on.
We will start from here.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

The true story of the man who invented Internet

The true story of the man who invented Internet

Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

How much of true history we remember.
And how much of liar pieces of one we should forget.
At the same time, how many small, unlikely, but real stories we ignore.
Like the names of all those who unconsciously discovered something remarkable.
In the wrong place or time.
Like the man who invented Internet, without knowing it.
Once upon a time, therefore, a long time ago, a remote island of the Pacific Ocean.
A community of humans lived there, let’s remain on the generic road, so everyone will feel involved and no one will be exiled beyond the wall.
The remote island’s human community loved to call itself a tribe.
I wanted to say it from the very beginning, but I was afraid of evoking the usual disqualifying clichés about savages, bare-body and living in huts around the fire.
Well, in fact, to tell the truth, that is all true, but not in the diminishing meaning mentioned above.
They were wild because this was the nature which they lived in, and being in harmony with the latter is not at all a symptom of backwardness, rather the opposite.
They spent most of their time with a few clothes on, of course, but it was the weather and above all the comfort, to request it. And being indifferent to the fashions of the time is not at all an indication of underdevelopment, far from it.
They lived in meager huts around the fire, a bed and a little more, I can guarantee it, but I can also assure that the choice was perfectly functional to living, never to possess.
Even this is not at all an evidence of incivility, not at all.
However, as they say, life on the island was not just roses and flowers, although many of them never used the well-known proverb, because of a reasonable objection: why do you bring roses into play if you mean flowers? Would not it be enough to state that it was not just flowers, which in turn contain the aforementioned? But this, for me and your luck, is another story.
The problem was that the members of the tribe were greatly increased over time, and everyone wondered what was the best way to organize the huts.
There were those who proposed to stack them one on top of the other, but that was rejected immediately.
The skyscraper no, that was the slogan, for various reasons: first, the one who lived in the attic hut would act like the typical king of cabbages – typical expression of the tribe, since the plant was considered sacred – second, the ground floor inhabitant would be accordingly considered the classical loser, but the dynamics would be reversed when they realized they had not yet invented the elevator.
There were also those who suggested placing the houses in formations of a geometric kind, without knowing what they were, consistently with the story’s premise.
Nevertheless, the square, the rectangle and each figure with the corners were rejected to the sender, since no one wanted to stay in the top positions, because air in those points was too windy, according to them.
The circular structure was also declined and the reason is simple.
Being on a circle – as said just before, around the fire – was the old way.
What are we doing, everyone agreed, should we go back?
That was unacceptable, since one of the prerogatives of savages from the discovered body with the huts on the remote island was to pursue the horizon as an inevitable goal, and yet this is a further symptom of modernity, even if it always depends on the tribe you are in.
Thus, they decided to follow the classic. You may also see it as obvious, a clumsy Deus ex machina, as you wish, as long as we go forward.
They reached the most isolated hut, the wise old man one’s, also called the shaman, the medicine man, the sorcerer, and even the village's idiot, because he was a tolerant person and endured each nickname, as long as they did not bother him so much.
"Idiot," spoke a guy for all. "We have something to ask you."
"Here I am," he said, appearing on the threshold. "Anyway, I understand I am a tolerant man, but among all the nicknames, you have to choose that one?"
"Excuse me, what about old wise?"
"Old wise man, we’re looking for a way to organize the huts as the best way to make us live together, to help knowing each other and make us more united."
The wise man thought about it for a while and then gave them his illuminating solution.
"Bring together the huts in the shape of a net, like the one with which we used to fish with."
"We used to fish? The truth is that we've never seen you with the line in your hands..."
"Do you really want to be the medicine man in my place? So you want to take care of your mother-in-law's inflamed hemorrhoids?"
"No, sorry, I was joking! So, the net, you say? "
"Yes, the net. Each hut will be a node in it and all the ramifications will be the distances between a hut and the other."
"All right, we’ll follow your advice."
Days passed, months and years passed, and some time later the tribe went again to the old wise man.
"Idiot," the usual spokesman called.
"Again?" said the shaman bitterly annoyed. "You couldn’t use the other names anymore?"
"And I repeat: idiot!"
"Because you have no idea of what happened. You told us to arrange the huts in the shape of a net, with knots, ramifications, and so on. "
"Of course, it's the best way to be together."
"Why are you so angry?"
"Because at first it really seemed to work, but then some very unpleasant things happened."
"What things?"
"I tell you the worst: first, one came out saying that, in order to make friends, to know and chat with others, we should all have done through his hut. Well, it was so convincing that we believed it and now he became the head of the tribe without moving a finger. Even if the one we want to talk to is in the house next to ours, we get up and go to the other one."
"I see."
"But that's not the most serious one. Since we’re always all there, in the same hut – which has since expanded and enriched at the expense of ours – many have had the mad thought of going there solely to tell any kind of falsity, from simple lies to the most infamous slanders on anyone in the tribe. "
"I realize."
"And then, since your idea allows us to reach everyone from any hut, there are those who use it to steal in other people's homes, or even just to spy on, to make silly or even bad jokes, to confuse and divide, to control and dominate. "
"I'm really sorry."
"You should be, because this net has ruined our life."
"You're wrong and you don’t know how much you are."
"Because the problem has never been and never will be the net, like any other way we use to manage the huts and our lives."
Because the real problem to be solved.
It’s us…

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

We became extinct

Stories and News No. 1125

This is the time.
That’s now.
The time when Yann Aguila, president of the environmental committee of the Club des Juristes, Antonio Herman Benjamin, magistrate at the National High Court of Brazil, the president of the IUCN world commission on environmental law, as well as former president of COP 21, Laurent Fabius and 128 others ask for the adoption of a third pact that establishes a new generation of fundamental commitments: the rights and duties of States, public and private bodies and people involved in environmental protection.
Nevertheless, this is the moment.
That’s today.
The moment when the president of the most powerful and most polluting country in the world, who in the past had defined climate change as a "hoax", said that he will only take a look at the recent alarming report by the United Nations.

This is also the moment when the Florida residents are preparing to face a frightening hurricane as they have never seen. With terrible floods everywhere in the world, as in the island of Majorca and region of Calabria, in Italy, and devastating and unusual fires that are erasing the planet as we had learned to figure.
This is, or, it was the time of words and silences...
With me, think about it.
Focuses all attention on this undervalued, mistreated and manipulated.
Then, let’s go on as we did until the end.
Relaxing before the huge monitor of meat and lies, where we were all protagonists and all spectators, without interruption.
Let's think about it, really.
Because that's how we got extinct.
Let’s look at the full side of the image, now, which expands beyond the limits of our empathetic myopia, there, outside that same screen.
Let us contemplate what we have lost sight of, or simply trampled on.
It's over, stop screaming, stop closing your ears.
Let's stop pretending to sleep so as not to see alive life, if the latter itself transmitted stories and hopes, free from the usual interested intermediaries.
We are extinct, exactly.
No more me, before you.
No more you, above us.
Never more we, as if it were really something different from you.
Today we are zero, as at the dawn of everything, which we have renounced to blinded by the delirious desire to be even something more.
Than everything.
In one word, enough.
Enough with turning your head to the soft side of the feeling and enough with turning off belly and heart, before reality ended up by mistake in the frame.
All is destroyed, nothing but accomplished and, for the first time in our history, we can not blame anyone who is not in our place.
Because we have become extinct and we no longer have reason to fear the vengeance of sisters and brothers guilty of innocence, just as we no longer need to exterminate them before they do justice to our inhumane idiocity.
We have all been defeated by the one who represents the most loving and at the same time patient mother who can conceive, but who sooner or later presents the bill and reacts with the same coin against the most ungrateful offspring of the entire universe.
We got extinct, really.
And she, the earth, won, again.
Think about this ending.
Think, with me, about the final chapter of us all, before the inevitable fading.
And imagine what we could do if we still had it.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Missing Nobel

Stories and News No. 1124

The Nobel Peace Prize 2018 was given to Denis Mukwege, a Congolese doctor and activist considered the world's leading expert in the treatment of physical harm caused from rape, and Nadia Murad, an Iraqi human rights activist.
In August 2014, then a young student, Nadia was taken prisoner by ISIS, following an attack against the village of Kocho. At least 600 people from the Yazidi community had been murdered, including 6 of her brothers.
Later, with more than 6700 women, Nadia was enslaved, suffering beatings, cigarette burns and abuse of all kinds.
Three months later she escaped from his captors and went to Stuttgart, Germany, becoming in fact an immigrant, a clandestine, a refugee and, four years later, a Nobel Prize...

Once upon a time the first monster who violated the tenderness with a noble future.
The torturer who preceded the others.
Those who have acted or even just looked, in a miserable ranking of truce cowardice, if there really is one.
Once upon a time there were 6699 women who never escaped, if not in the shelter of their own body, with the desperate need to shrink the soul and the capacity to hurt it.
Six times a thousand, six times a hundred, and almost a hundred lives to be discriminated in our countries, to be rejected and isolated in our prisons, to be branded unwanted in our social homes’ talk.
As if fate has not been done enough to repudiate them.
But also to embrace and pay homage with the most prestigious of the praises. Not as human rights activists, since they are themselves living human rights to defend.
From the one of not being raped to that of seeing wounds soothed with all possible care, a warning to the bad villains on earth.
Once upon a time there were six brothers who were not known to dream of being able to escape from the nightmare called reality.
Along with six times a hundred unfortunate existences and, to tell the truth, shamefully more, when we considered the so-called civilian victims in the total measure, in the context of the blind and fat minority against the uninvited guests at the dinner of the lords.
Yes right, the lords, those who did not export democracy at all in exchange for nothing, since, in addition to the usual robbery of others’ future, they gave the most terrible present: erasing hope from the hearts of the innocents and, at the same time, selling fire and lightning to the filthy creatures.
Because there are lots of them, beyond the horizon or the threshold of your life, and since there is time and men, they are backed by a confused distance, friendly enemies looking for a feast around the remains of unknown martyrs.
Once upon a time, therefore, the day when one of the latter gave birth to the miracle.
Because that’s what is, if the girl ended up in the horror fate, properly hidden under the Western carpet, slipped away between the bars of the hypocritical media border.
To tell, show and prove that among thousands and thousands of creatures mortally wounded by the History we are all writing there are missing Nobel Prizes.
And, above all, a huge mass of unfortunate sisters and brothers who would settle for much less to start smiling again...

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

The game of life

The game of life

Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

In a not so far future...

"Wow," says the young man lifts his eyelids altogether,"I guess it worked..."
He boggles, because he had not seen the guy on the threshold of the strange room.
"Who are you?"
"Your administrator, sir," replies the man, black trousers and tie of the same colour on a shirt even whiter and impeccable than the walls.
"What worked?"
"The time machine... because this is the future, right?"
"It depends on what you mean by the past, sir."
"I don’t get it..."
"Nothing, forget it, let’s worry about the game, instead."
"What game?"
"What a silly question, sir: the game of life."
At that moment the boy focuses on some aspects that are anything but negligible. Despite being on the same laptop chair which he had made the futuristic leap from, there is no longer the latter before him, but a large panel full of buttons of many colours, marked with labels that specify the use.
"What's this thing?"
He starts to get up, but realizes that he is practically imprisoned on the chair by some sort of safety belt.
"I told you, it's the game of life and in a few moments it starts again."
"The game."
"Can you explain to me what the hell are you talking about?"
"Oops, right… now I remember your kind."
"What are you implying with that?"
"Nothing, let's think about the game. Do you see those buttons?"
"How could I not see them? They’re hundreds..."
"Well done, you can also count."
"Are you making fun of me?"
"And also smart, excellent, you’ll need it. So, without a specific order, from the resumption of the game each of those buttons will turn on and, when this happens, you’ll have to be ready to press it, without forgetting even one."
"And what happens to me if I can’t do it in time?"
The young man emits the classic sigh of relief.
"Nothing to you, I said, but for someone else it won’t be pleasant."
"What does it mean?"
"In addition to the buttons, can you see the tags attached to them?"
"Of course."
"Extraordinary, what an acute sight."
"I really think you’re making fun of me."
"And he sees everything, congratulations."
"Please, can we go back to the point?"
"Yes, read for yourself."
The boy approaches to a random button.
"For example, here I read migrants."
"Good choice: well, like everyone else when the button lights up you have to press it within five seconds."
"What if I don’t do it?"
"A boat full of refugees sinks into the open sea."
"But so they can die..."
"Incredible, you’re a genius. Well, if you insist to ask, yes, I'm making fun of you."
"Here it was, in fact this seemed totally absurd."
"I was not referring to the game, sir, that's all true."
The young man still reads from the board.
"Here the board says Roma people. If I don’t press it?"
"A living camp of them is burned."
"Massacred by the bullies."
"Here there is written child..."
"Beaten by parents."
"Woman! There is also woman..."
"Here it's random: killed, beaten, harassed, depending on the case, or you."
"What did you just say? It depends on me?"
"That’s right. If you get distracted and just think about your business, avoiding to press the button in time, the disgraced person pays the costs. Prepare yourself, because the interval is over and there are only a few seconds left until the game restarts."
The young man’s concern has slowly grown exponentially.
"No... look," he begins to bubble, trying in vain to to away,"I don’t want to, I just can’t, but what kind of place is this? I don’t wanna play."
"I'm sorry, sir, but that's impossible."
"You see, if everyone did like you the world would end."
"Because, like all of us, you’re also the button of someone else, which allows you to enjoy your privileges."
"I wanna go back, then."
"It won’t help you, sir."
"Because humanity has been participating in the game of life since it appeared on earth. The difference is that now, unlike what you call the past, you can no longer pretend not to know."

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Universal declaration of human abuses or inhuman rights

Stories and News No. 1123

Thinking about, thinking about the difference between a just and an unjust law, thinking about what is the duty before the latter inside who aspires to have an active, perhaps intentionally virtuous and socially useful role, also thinking about what our global community’s consideration of human rights is becoming, applying a sort of actual amendments to the famous Declaration, I am committed to tell a more realistic storytelling of the world which we should be indignant to live in...

Article 1
Few human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience, but have no obligation to act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Article 2
A small and privileged minority of persons are entitled to all the rights and freedoms enunciated in the present Declaration, made due distinctions for reasons of race, color, sex, language, religion, political opinion or otherwise. The aforementioned differentiation will also be established on the basis of the political, legal or international status of the country or territory which a person belongs to.

Article 3
Specifically, only persons with a proven document of citizenship, appreciated skin color and shared religious faith have the right to life, freedom and security.

Article 4
All persons excluded from the previous criteria may be held in slavery or servitude, which will be permitted under other modern forms.

Article 5
The above mentioned persons may be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 6
Only citizens of undoubted credentials, as well as identifiable with the naked eye, have the right, everywhere, to be recognized about their legal personality.

Article 7
Not all are equal before the law and a very few have the right, without any discrimination, to equal protection. All others must obey to all kind of discrimination that is in fact authorized by the present Declaration, as well as any incitement to this differentiation.

Article 8

Consequently, the person belonging to a lower category has no right to an effective possibility of appeal to the competent tribunals against acts that violate the presumed fundamental rights erroneously recognized by the constitution or law.

Article 9
Any person deemed to be outside the popular conception of citizenship may be arbitrarily arrested, detained or exiled.

Article 10
This person – if he or she insisted on rebelling, will be entitled, in a position of full discrimination, to an unjust and public hearing before a court that is anything but independent, and absolutely partial, in order to the definitive violation of his rights, as well as his innocence before the accusations brought against him or her.

Article 11
Every person of low value, outside the population of pure origins, if accused of a crime, is presumed guilty until his innocence has been legally proven in a public trial, and regardless of whether or not he had all the necessary guarantees for his defense.

Article 12
No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference in his private life, in his family, in his home, in his correspondence, or in injury to his honor and reputation, unless he has got a foreigner look, an unpronounceable name by the public official operator and a nationality inserted in the archive of dangerous ones, but you could also read as “poor”. In that case, he is entitled to be abused by the law with interference or injury.

Article 13
A small group of persons, generally with white skin, with documents in order and possibly non homeless have the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State. The others have no right to leave any country, including their own, and there they must remain.

Article 14
Every person is strongly urged not trying to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution and to suffer in silence. This invitation becomes an obligation, if the person is really wanted for non-political crimes or for actions contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations, which we will soon remove the funds from.

Article 15
Every citizen, if he has citizenship, has got the right to citizenship, that’s simple. Otherwise, he may be arbitrarily deprived of everything, let alone the dream of having it.

Article 16
Men and women of full age have the right to marry and create a family, with specific limitations of race, citizenship or religion. The Western family is the natural and fundamental nucleus of society and has the right to be protected by the state, but also by the press, the school and social networks.

Article 17
Everyone has the right to have his or her personal property in common with others and can not be arbitrarily deprived of such property, unless it is desired by any higher class citizen.

Article 18
No person, this time regardless of rank, has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; otherwise, this declaration should be rewritten and above all applied in reverse.

Article 19
Likewise, every person is free to believe that he is entitled to freedom of opinion and expression, including the right not to be harassed for this, while the State has the right to disenchant him, at any time.

Article 20
Similarly, every person has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association, until it starts to annoy those who he does not want to bother. And it's not a threat.

Article 21
Every citizen, or Internet user, after years of posting on blogs and social media, as well as streaming videos, has been convinced that he has finally the right to participate in the government of his country, either directly or through freely chosen representatives, as well as accessing conditions of equality to the public employment of one's own country and that the popular will is the foundation of the authority of the government. But then there were the elections, or he woke up, you choose, otherwise, dare to say that you disagree with the official line.

Article 22
Every perfect citizen, as a member of the respectable society, has the right to social security, as well as to the realization of his economic, social and cultural rights indispensable to his dignity and to the free development of his personality. The others should not even be here, so let's go on.

Article 23
Each citizen, according to the municipal registers, and above all the advertising imagination, he was assured to have the right to work, free choice of employment, just and favorable conditions and protection against unemployment, all without discrimination, having the right to equal pay for equal work. Having yet to prove whether these promises will be kept, imagine how illegal citizens will be considered.

Article 24
Nevertheless, every citizen, preferably of typically Aryan connotations, is entitled to rest and leisure, including in this a reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic paid holidays. Otherwise, if you live outside the national border, remain invisible until propaganda needs you, and where you’ll intend to die, do it with the greatest discretion.

Article 25
Every citizen with a reassuring skin has the right to a standard of living sufficient to guarantee his own and his family's health and well-being, as well as the necessary medical care and social services. In every other case, it is all too much, there is no right and there is never anyone who must dare to complain about something.

Article 26
Every citizen who is sufficiently pale has the right to education, but it is not a duty at all; on the contrary, the less he studies, the better it is for the current State. In this regard, education must not be directed at all to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. Instead, it must promote misunderstanding, intolerance, discord among all nations, racial and religious ghettos, and must counteract the work of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace.

Article 27
Every citizen of uncontaminated blood, if and only if appropriately recommended, has the right to take part freely in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to participate in scientific progress and its benefits.

Article 28
Every person, even this time without distinction, has inherited a social and international disorder in which the abuses enunciated in this Declaration can be fully realized.

Article 29
Nobody has duties towards the community, which the free and full development of the personality is not at all facilitated in. In the exercise of its alleged rights and its freedoms, the so-called minor person must be subjected to the limitations established by law, but also completely authoritarian, to ensure at the same time recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of the few elected and to meet the right needs of morality, public order and general well-being in the society of the privileged ones.

Article 30
Everything in the present Declaration can be interpreted in the sense of justifying the right of any State, group or person to exercise an activity or to perform an act aimed at the destruction of every type of right and freedom.

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