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Above and below

Stories and News No. 1131

As it has already been widely explained by many experts – also by the UN, regarding the link between migration and climate change, the latter are also among the reasons that have pushed South American farmers to move towards the USA.
It's the atavistic conflict between up and down...

Once upon a time a planet.
I’m not necessarily talking about earth, so we can force the boundaries of possibilities and fear to dream.
The planet, not the earth, was made of two parts.
Above and below.
Two men lived on them respectively.
Well, I could also say two women.
It would have been anyway a worthy beginning of a story.
Indeed, much more deserving of page and words.
However, this is not only a mere story, but also a problem, with lots of conflicts and as many unpleasant complications.

So, I will talk about men, two to be precise.
One lived on the upper side, on the north, at the top, and he was simply called that the man above.
The other, for consistency and narrative convenience, was called the man below and he lived on the bottom floor, to the south.
Now, you know how nature works. There is nothing personal or preventive.
Since world is life ‘above’ means advantages and vice versa for ‘below’.
Random examples: river is fresher at the source than in the valley, above the trees there are the healthiest fruits, while the fallen ones become prey to worms, on the top of the mountain the air is cleaner than in the plains and observing the things up to the clouds, the value of human creatures is much more real than on the surface, where the mediocre ones look like giants and the sublime souls are crushed by the latter.
So let's say it.
The guy above had a better life than the one below.
Now, the easy optimism that dwells within you would lead you to think that the former was aware of his undeserved good fortune and that he was sympathetic to the needs of the other.
However, perhaps it is appropriate to take the aforementioned candor and update it to the harsh reality, since the favorite from destiny was not only convinced that he had gained the privileged position by divine right, but also that he also had the prerogative to rob the neighbor below.
So, now addicted to the unjust course of history and his mocking cynicism, the one above began to satisfy his greed for the gifts of nature in a gargantuan way, revealing an inconsiderate lack of respect for the planetary balance.
Nothing happened for a long time.
Then, the first consequences of this selfish attitude showed up.
Not for him, but for the other, the man below.
Because if fate chose an iniquitous narrative for its protagonists, it did things right. In addition, when human justice is over, the only one to prove himself coherent is precisely the case.
So, it happened that the man who lived to the south of this tale began to pay the never contracted debt.
For a whole year devastating storms attacked his home and frightful hailstorms destroyed his crops.
And during the next one a terrible drought dried up the land, while hardships and diseases exterminated the cattle.
The following year, the rain proved to be overwhelming and the hurricanes rushed over the estates.
And so on, from year to year, up to crumble any hypothesis of future for that inadequate latitude.
The man downstairs could find no other solution than to trace the current of the inverse fatality, and set off backwards, towards the only alternative to the end.
That is, the beginning of all the evils and this story too.
Now, where optimism has been rightly banned, a strong belief in the human capacity to make use of reason would lead you to imagine the man above reacting with solidarity before the arrival of the neighbor.
However, maybe we need to take the aforementioned trust and place it in the trunk of the overestimated qualities of the alleged intelligent biped, because his response was to build a huge, high and impenetrable wall to prevent the other to enter.
Nevertheless, as already mentioned, we knows how nature works.
Nothing personal, or premeditated.
From what world is a story, what goes down sooner or later comes up.
Therefore, even on the parts above it began to rain more and more insistently and violently.
In spite of this, where luck had favored only one of the protagonists, the latter reversed the fate of both, however unconsciously.
Because from what world is nature, what comes up sooner or later must go down.
Unless there is an incredibly tiny, miserable and dull brain.
In short, the man above was submerged by the water, while the man below, unexpectedly protected by the big and unbreakable wall, he could calmly rebuild his house and cultivate his land with serenity.

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