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Because people want it

Stories and News No. 1129

Everywhere in the world today there are countries facing the consequences of having elected populist governments, among the aftermath of Brexit in England, the continuous internal divisions in the US and the dangerous anti-European path taken by the Italian administration.
All in the name of what people want...

Once upon a time the people.
Normally, the population.
In full, the inhabitants.
On paper, the citizens.
Once upon a time, then, the people on the people side.
Normally, a few.
In full, the people’s leaders.
On paper, the elected ones.
Once upon a time, finally, what people want.
Normally, the people's questions.
In full, each inhabitant’s ambition.
On paper, citizens' rights.
But in the truth of reality, what do people really want?
History teaches all and, where the ear listened, it often tells.

It tells us that people want everything, they demand it immediately, and they have no interest in the way you will get it.
People, becoming crowds and chaos, often kill, overwhelm, and crush everything without looking back.
People pollute themselves and the rest of the living planet.
People dehumanize the most vulnerable plots of their reason as the most fragile tissues of the heart.
History has shown us that people are able to condemn entire generations to death, sacrificing just as many persons for their own benefit.
People have destroyed natural or artificial perfections with the same imprudence.
People voted assassins and murdered pure souls with the same cruelty.
People have burned the candor of their children with the monstrous claim to survive them.
Denying them the benefit of the present dream and the freedom of gambling on the future.
People, in every age, created enemies from nothing and made them martyrs without hope.
People, in every age, have silenced the unhappiness of billions of existences on the edge of the world favored by fate.
People have created borders, never a community.
People have built prisons, never redemption.
People have punished masses of guilty by an innocence too difficult to understand and denied justice to as many clear human creatures, culpable of being born with the clock in advance.
Today's people are children of yesterday's.
That is, the people of the planetary extermination wars and monstrous killing devices.
The people who raised skyscrapers on the graves of the natives and who, at best, made them slaves of their conquests.
Once upon a time, therefore, the people and those who are here to satisfy the desires of both.
Characters and scenarios already encountered between the pages of history and in the echo of its underrated storytelling.
Well, how it was in the past, may someone protect us from what people want...

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