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Crazy train

Stories and News No. 1128

It seems that Jair Bolsonaro, the right-wing candidate in the currently bitterly contested elections in Brazil, has been accused of benefiting from the industrial and criminal fabrication of false news.
A story already seen everywhere, in these last years, with our world running with unusual speed on senseless tracks...

There is a train.
No ‘there was’.
It is now.
And not once, but many, too many times, everywhere.
Next to you.
On the train, there are persons.
Or, perhaps, I should say people.
It pleases, the word gets lots of likes, today, not the species, as well absentmindedly read as human, because they provide stuff asking for answers.
Among the people, there are two.
They are sitting close, still, unaware, lost inside themselves.
In other words, the sense of one among the many traveling on this unfortunate train.
"Excuse me," one says. "Are you..."

"Who?" The other replies, as if he were not used to such a scene.
"Him, that guy..."
"That guy."
"So what?"
"Are you that guy?"
"Yes I am."
The silence between them returns, the nothingness of normality, or the habit to nothingness, and I do not know what is worse.
Just a moment, however, because the first one goes on.
"I voted for you, you know?"
"Good boy."
"Yes, good boy. But before elections, you had promised that train would have been on time, didn’t you? I waited an hour on the platform..."
"I never said it, my spokesman did, a moron, he wrote it on Facebook, I've already fired him."
Another break, less short than the previous one.
"You made a tweet to say you would lower the ticket’s price. It’s doubled, instead..."
"It was not me, but my mother-in-law, she's the one who ran my Twitter profile. But don’t worry, I'm erased her."
"Did you kill her?!"
"No, what are you thinking about? When I was elected, my wife left me. You know, cheating is now too visible to both, and then..."
"Of course."
A few seconds later and the guy insists.
"Now that I remember... you also made a live stream saying you would buy brand new wagons, but everything falls apart here and it’s a pigsty..."
"Ouch! The virus..."
"Are you okay, man?"
"Never been better, I was talking about the computer virus which those Dem infected me with."
"Damn Communists..."
"No... what did you understand? First of all, those were never communists, I meant the Democratic Pirates, who send viruses to everyone. They don’t make any distinction, you know? They’re really democratic."
"So it was not you in the video, but the virus."
Yet another interval and the disappointed voter tries the last claim.
"Excuse me, but you, and I mean you, did not write a post on your blog, I repeat, your personal website, where you said you would not ally with the thieves and the old sluggish politics, and the citizens would have had a skillful and transparent administration? Instead, you seems to be linked to the most shady in the band, and the government seems a jumble of incompetents in the frail, doing nothing but contradict each other..."
"Look, I want to be honest with you, I am and I will always be at your disposal, I’m a simple person, a normal citizen, like you, and it’s right that you know the truth.
"Of course, you should, tell me."
"The post you read was manipulated by extraterrestrial forces that, together with CIA, immigrants and anti-patriotic homosexual Jewish lobbies, they want to stop our mission."
"They were aliens, so."
"That's right."
"Are you making fun of me?"
"Of course, but I really would not to, I'm possessed by the elves of Madagascar, who thanks to the clandestine power ring want to delete our national identity..."
And so on, from station to station.

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