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Garbage of the world

Stories and News No. 1127

Once upon a time an Italian and a Frenchman.
This is the story, therefore.
But we could also say there are an Italian, a French, etc.
Like a joke, then.
Maybe we talk about both, even if we do not realize it.
Italian and French lived in two neighboring houses.
Yes right, just like the respective nations.
Near, but sometimes divided by hate.
Similar, in some ways, despite often disagreeing.
Likewise visceral, at times, though often in conflict because of a congenital rivalry.
Nevertheless, as Lancelot states in his famous essay "Sorry, Arthur," - a clear remedial intention, what we contend for measures our true value.
See Guinevere, for a more exhaustive comprehension.
Anyway, exemplary representatives of the aforementioned States of belonging, Italian and French became trapped in a pernicious confrontation.
It happened that, going out on a dark night without stars – perfect for unseemly actions, the French guy climbed over the sacred enclosure separating private properties, conquered by force or subtracted by deception, causing death and suffering to generations after generations of innocent populations, fully explained.
In one word, the border.
To do what?
Well, to throw not one, but two trash bags on the Italian garden.
The latter’s owner did not take long to notice the outrage, even because he was very fond of order and cleanliness, as well as compliance with established rules. Think that he would have paid up to 49 million euros to see them respected. However, his family had already spent them, so, let's move on.
The guilty tried to justify himself: "I’m sorry for what happened, it was a mistake, I arrived in the area a few days ago and I don’t know the place well..."
"It's an international disgrace," the Italian replied. "The French cannot pretend anything. We don’t accept the apology. Leaving trash in my garden can not be considered an error or an accident. What happened is an unprecedented offense against my house, and I wonder if international organizations, starting from the UN up to European Union, don’t find it vomiting to leave their waste in an isolated area of the lawn of others, without assistance and no reports. A sign, a simple warning, just to distinguish organic recycling or not."
On this regard, the injured party added: "What was really in those garbage bags? Where did they come from? And why were they abandoned?"
This was only the beginning.
Or, perhaps, it is the very end of the story, which is repeated, in increasingly rancid forms, every day.
A demonstration of where we can go, indeed, fall in such a grotesque feud around ever rotten motivations, which corrode themselves as the litigants in the field.
I am not referring to the object of contention, made negligible, inert thing by the growing atrophy of our minimal reasoning ability.
I'm talking about a virus that has become epidemic over time and it is spreading everywhere.
Once upon a time, therefore, there was an Italian, a Frenchman and the whole world.
Prisoners of a story and a joke at the same time.
Or, maybe, that is a farce, where we could replace the word garbage with human lives, and the absurd moral would be the same: for nothing we make war on each other and what would be worth fighting, which we should defend and care for, to us, it's nothing too.
Like simple trash...

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