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Missing Nobel

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The Nobel Peace Prize 2018 was given to Denis Mukwege, a Congolese doctor and activist considered the world's leading expert in the treatment of physical harm caused from rape, and Nadia Murad, an Iraqi human rights activist.
In August 2014, then a young student, Nadia was taken prisoner by ISIS, following an attack against the village of Kocho. At least 600 people from the Yazidi community had been murdered, including 6 of her brothers.
Later, with more than 6700 women, Nadia was enslaved, suffering beatings, cigarette burns and abuse of all kinds.
Three months later she escaped from his captors and went to Stuttgart, Germany, becoming in fact an immigrant, a clandestine, a refugee and, four years later, a Nobel Prize...

Once upon a time the first monster who violated the tenderness with a noble future.
The torturer who preceded the others.
Those who have acted or even just looked, in a miserable ranking of truce cowardice, if there really is one.
Once upon a time there were 6699 women who never escaped, if not in the shelter of their own body, with the desperate need to shrink the soul and the capacity to hurt it.
Six times a thousand, six times a hundred, and almost a hundred lives to be discriminated in our countries, to be rejected and isolated in our prisons, to be branded unwanted in our social homes’ talk.
As if fate has not been done enough to repudiate them.
But also to embrace and pay homage with the most prestigious of the praises. Not as human rights activists, since they are themselves living human rights to defend.
From the one of not being raped to that of seeing wounds soothed with all possible care, a warning to the bad villains on earth.
Once upon a time there were six brothers who were not known to dream of being able to escape from the nightmare called reality.
Along with six times a hundred unfortunate existences and, to tell the truth, shamefully more, when we considered the so-called civilian victims in the total measure, in the context of the blind and fat minority against the uninvited guests at the dinner of the lords.
Yes right, the lords, those who did not export democracy at all in exchange for nothing, since, in addition to the usual robbery of others’ future, they gave the most terrible present: erasing hope from the hearts of the innocents and, at the same time, selling fire and lightning to the filthy creatures.
Because there are lots of them, beyond the horizon or the threshold of your life, and since there is time and men, they are backed by a confused distance, friendly enemies looking for a feast around the remains of unknown martyrs.
Once upon a time, therefore, the day when one of the latter gave birth to the miracle.
Because that’s what is, if the girl ended up in the horror fate, properly hidden under the Western carpet, slipped away between the bars of the hypocritical media border.
To tell, show and prove that among thousands and thousands of creatures mortally wounded by the History we are all writing there are missing Nobel Prizes.
And, above all, a huge mass of unfortunate sisters and brothers who would settle for much less to start smiling again...

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