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The Nation is in danger

Stories and News No. 1130

The Nation is in danger, shouts the commander in chief.
And when the Nation is in danger, it must be defended at the cost of death.

Of the enemy himself.
Even before he becomes such.
Even before he proves that.
The Nation is in danger, warns the democratic dictator.
Message received, answers the man in charge of internal security, which must be guaranteed at any price, even if it was the enemy’s life.
Although he is not yet so.
Despite not yet proven to be, an enemy.
Send immediately eight hundred men to the border, it’s the order.
Nineteenth valiant servants of the Nation.
Eight times a hundred kids dressed as warriors, so nobody will see innocence under the armor.
Because the enemy is listening, therefore, keep quiet.
Otherwise, he could take advantage of it and discover that there are creatures obliged to advance towards the border also on the other side of the latter.
Nonetheless, the Nation is in danger because the enemy is near.
He can be seen almost with the naked eye.
Without the need, or opportunism, to sell the ambiguous image in delay.
And although if he is really an enemy isn’t yet obvious, although the evidence is only in the outcries of the supreme leader who yells from the top of the highest mountain, the danger is real.
To him and those like him.
Because the alleged enemy is composed of women and children united by the desire to measure the future in months, years, even entire generations, and not mostly the next day.
Because among the ranks of the so-called enemy there are fathers and sons who have survived poverty and hardship. And, unlike the citizens of the Nation, they are certainly not frightened by a delirious orange-haired barker.
Because the people they call enemy are a huge one extended family fed by shared affection for the earth and the sky as a common space, and when you can walk on the former, sure that the latter will protect you, you will walk and smile to the horizon.
Because those who in this absurd tale are playing the role of the enemy are pervaded by a portentous kind of euphoria that has been forgotten inside the Nation.
The one of those who finally set off together with everyone, for the good of all.
The one of those who know they are on the right track, regardless of how big the obstacle will be on the way.
The one of those who already know that will win neither the war nor the battle.
Because the war and the battle have been invented by the Nation and its sovereign.
That's why, in this exceptional day of panic and courage, he cannot help but shout, slobbering with rage: the nation is in danger.
And as long as there are enemies like these ready to challenge his meanness.
Rejoice, inhabitants of the human planet.
It means that there is still hope...

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