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We are not like you

This is not a tale, it's a news.
Indeed, it is ‘the news’.
Yesterday, Saturday, October 27, a 46-year-old man, Robert D. Bowers, entered a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where religious services were being held, and then killed eleven people and wounded six. Two of them are still in serious condition.
The murderer is a right-wing militant, openly anti-Semitic and hostile towards asylum-seeking migrants.
Yet, I say this clearly, so that ears can hear once and for all: we are not like you.
I am talking about right politicians and all the press that feeds on the shared dung for a click of ads.
I am talking about social accounts and pages against immigrants that, screaming their hate near elections, or as soon as the crime is carried out by the enemy manufactured at the table.
As soon as we read the aforementioned tragedy, we do not begin to spread everywhere the idea that all right-wingers are murderers, they should be hunted and imprisoned, not worth of living in our society.
We do not yell, tugging at our garments, pointing to the right people as responsible for the dead, for all the innocent dead.
We do not use the pain of others to build consensus.
We do not take advantage of fear and dismay at such terrible events, to create the favorable climate of the next elections.
We are not like the current governments, in Italy, as in the US, in Hungary, as in England, in Austria, as in many, too many other nations, that won the elections in this way.
This is the reality and it must be said, every day, it must be remembered to those who guide these countries and especially those who voted for them.
These people are in power only thanks to this damn fraud, it's all there.
It was enough for them to do what we don’t and never do.
I mean exploiting every, I repeat, every news that in some way depicts the immigrant as dangerous and evil, brutal and cruel, to make ‘the news’.
At a certain point it worked so well that many of them even started to just invent stories...
Well, I'm not like you.
Not like you that profit from the suffering of the world and you, who support them, continuing to do it, from the vote to the servants ‘likes’ and the disturbing ‘smile’ on social media.
I will not write, neither today nor ever, that all right people kill the Jews.
Even if they did it in the past, they did it so much.
Even if at this moment they are guiding my country and have made it divided and intolerant almost like at the beginning of the last century.
That's why we have to write and shout, making all hear as much as possible.
We are not like them.