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We became extinct

Stories and News No. 1125

This is the time.
That’s now.
The time when Yann Aguila, president of the environmental committee of the Club des Juristes, Antonio Herman Benjamin, magistrate at the National High Court of Brazil, the president of the IUCN world commission on environmental law, as well as former president of COP 21, Laurent Fabius and 128 others ask for the adoption of a third pact that establishes a new generation of fundamental commitments: the rights and duties of States, public and private bodies and people involved in environmental protection.
Nevertheless, this is the moment.
That’s today.
The moment when the president of the most powerful and most polluting country in the world, who in the past had defined climate change as a "hoax", said that he will only take a look at the recent alarming report by the United Nations.

This is also the moment when the Florida residents are preparing to face a frightening hurricane as they have never seen. With terrible floods everywhere in the world, as in the island of Majorca and region of Calabria, in Italy, and devastating and unusual fires that are erasing the planet as we had learned to figure.
This is, or, it was the time of words and silences...
With me, think about it.
Focuses all attention on this undervalued, mistreated and manipulated.
Then, let’s go on as we did until the end.
Relaxing before the huge monitor of meat and lies, where we were all protagonists and all spectators, without interruption.
Let's think about it, really.
Because that's how we got extinct.
Let’s look at the full side of the image, now, which expands beyond the limits of our empathetic myopia, there, outside that same screen.
Let us contemplate what we have lost sight of, or simply trampled on.
It's over, stop screaming, stop closing your ears.
Let's stop pretending to sleep so as not to see alive life, if the latter itself transmitted stories and hopes, free from the usual interested intermediaries.
We are extinct, exactly.
No more me, before you.
No more you, above us.
Never more we, as if it were really something different from you.
Today we are zero, as at the dawn of everything, which we have renounced to blinded by the delirious desire to be even something more.
Than everything.
In one word, enough.
Enough with turning your head to the soft side of the feeling and enough with turning off belly and heart, before reality ended up by mistake in the frame.
All is destroyed, nothing but accomplished and, for the first time in our history, we can not blame anyone who is not in our place.
Because we have become extinct and we no longer have reason to fear the vengeance of sisters and brothers guilty of innocence, just as we no longer need to exterminate them before they do justice to our inhumane idiocity.
We have all been defeated by the one who represents the most loving and at the same time patient mother who can conceive, but who sooner or later presents the bill and reacts with the same coin against the most ungrateful offspring of the entire universe.
We got extinct, really.
And she, the earth, won, again.
Think about this ending.
Think, with me, about the final chapter of us all, before the inevitable fading.
And imagine what we could do if we still had it.

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