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Almost two thousand

Stories and News No. 1132

Forget with me what, most of the time, you do not see.
Inside the whole human design.
So, try to forget, that is, put aside for a moment the almost one hundred thousand migrants and refugees arrived in Europe from the sea this year.
Instead, focus every attention on the two thousand and nine hundred eighty-seven lives that have disappeared in the waves.
One thousand and nine hundred, plus eighty-seven.
Read as well as almost two thousand.
Be brave, now, stay with me on the frame.
Let's assume they can fit into one, single monitor.
Almost twice a thousand human beings, between women and children, boys and men, more or less old.
Think about it.

They lost their lives to come to you, how certain people could be strange, nowadays.
Wait, do not leave.
We do not need to say anything, you know?
Relax, we are not inside a horror movie, because they are shadows and ghosts that can no longer harm anybody, if ever they could do it.
Actually, they could help you, now.
You just have to look at their still faces on the screen, side by side, like one of those yellowed photos on the history books with captions that explain something, except the essential.
You see? You may gaze at them without fear.
Because, now, no one will be able to infuse the latter into your heart by betraying that they will come to take away your job and abuse women, occupy your houses and sweep away the things you believe in, to import their own.
Because there is no need for walls to stop broken dreams.
There is no need to found political parties to take advantage of disappointed horizons.
There is no need to feed hatred and stir up selfishness in the face of those lost between death and life that they could have had.
Let the silence to occupy the scene, and do not look away, not yet, please.
Convince yourself that the creatures who now hover on the portrayed scene are the famous ‘others’, between before and after.
They really are the others.
They are no longer the potential invaders, ready to sail on their side, and not yet the enemies of Europe, known with lots of more or less inhuman epithets.
They are the nothing that has dared to aspire to become something.
They are the dust that has been abducted by the wind and has never settled.
But they are also untouchable souls forever.
Because you cannot discriminate, marginalize and suppress what you can not even touch.
However, this does not need to stop you from opening your eyes and your memory.
Remember, please.
Remember with me what you often do not look at, among the particularity of the human context.
Remember, in other words, consider your personal treasure the stories of one thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven lives for one page.
Almost two thousand who traveling to the borders of your life, are dead drowned in the sea.
Then, if you stile have it, make room for compassion and, above all, for the thought that otherwise, they would be part of the shapeless mass.
That every day we call and treat as if they were the enemy..

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