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Looking for life

Stories and News No. 1139

Forgive us.
Really, forgive us all.
It was not our intention to encroach on your time.
Invading your horizon.
Becoming a story in yours without warning, writing unexpected pages in the human tale.
The fact is that we are born by chance somewhere and often we die in the wrong place for the most different reasons.
Because of illness, many experts support that.
Whether it might come from the body itself or the mind, it will be explained with a minimum of foundation only by the most shrewd explorers of unfortunate creatures.
A rather greedy epidemic, in the case that concerns us personally, since more than one hundred forty of us have traveled the last mile of the different journey, finding the same end.
Death stranding whales
140 death stranding whales on New Zealand
However, is there someone who needs the truth behind so badly?
Important question, as well as what lies under the meaning of this story.
Some hypothesize instead that the cause was only a fatal navigation error.
“Only”, right?
That is precisely how the fate of too many of us is decided.
In fact, for a cruel “only”, most of what is alive on earth is at risk today.
Because “only” a small, overvalued minority of humans is unwittingly anticipating the common curtain’s closure.
Nevertheless, if the evidence of this motivation will be proved, will it be fruitful for somebody?
A fundamental question, in every story, let alone what sees all as protagonists.
In any case, others suggest an excessively drastic falling tide.
If so, it would be sad to know that it was water that betrayed us.
She was both mother and home, nurture and love, guide and supportive companion.
In short, the sea.
In other words, what the earth is, or should be, for you.
In spite of that, when this explanation was credited as the most reasonable, would it be of interest to those who look at our inert life and listen to the echo of our sorrowful, last song?
It is a doubt of considerable consistency, and this writing is a witness to that, we wish it with all the heart we no longer have.
On the other hand, some consider the escape from a voracious predator as a plausible reason for our overcoming of the natural fourth wall that divides us.
Well, I can exclude this possibility without fear of contradiction, because there is no hunter in the world capable of scaring more than a hundred of us.
Unless he is the living threat on the surface. Well, those are a kind of particularly narcissistic monsters, who, if they pursue you, would do anything to take your life off with their own hands.
We would then have their fingerprints impressed upon us as overwhelming evidence.
In any case, even if this were the truth – and it is not, what will it mean to those who remain?
A precious question, verified by the following words.
Finally, there are some who attribute our blatant stage’s exit as the umpteenth symptom of a crazy climate.
Behold, this is the motive that none of us is able to understand.
The madness of the wind, the senseless cold and the delirious rain are alien bogeys to us.
At birth we entrust everything to a supreme order that does not demand to be worshiped and even less prayed. But it requires absolute and blind trust, and faith is everything to us.
However, if this were the answer, is there anyone among you out there who is actually wanting it?
It is a question that is anything but trivial, in our humble opinion.
For you, not us.
Because if you cannot understand why someone decides to leave his or her world to find death on your shores, you will never be able to comprehend the same person who knocks on your doors.
Looking for life...