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Let’s take a step back

Stories and News No. 1133

Let’s go forward.
Come on, do not stop, move on.
This is, as they say, the path of men.
To be precise, the Leaders with the capital first letter in the name, as in pride.
More than ever in the immediate interest and, above all, investable in the market of the most disenchanted concreteness.
Because the enchantment is banned, even if it was just a pretext to show the selfish deception hidden behind the billboard eating the sky.
Anyway, don’t stop, insists to shout the sovereign marketing. Go fast, run without looking back at what is left behind, moving foot and arrogance forward.
As a consequence, in the subliminal implication of the deafening admonition, there is also written to continue to impose on the world the foundations of our chaotic life.
Without offering ears and conscience to the natural warning, even if the now rotten soap bubble explodes with a painful roar.
These are tragic coincidences that are acceptable in the final calculation, the recipe says.

Moreover, between each avoidable grief, the spot sings: it is not worth risking past and future for the illusion of an eternal, heavenly present?
Are you saying no? Well, it means you are really blindfolded, explains the crazy TV always lit in our head, that is, you really see, and where the true gentleman has at least an eye among the blind ones, who will have the courage to open them both is the usual old enemy, because he will ruin the party.
This is why certain people are not invited to the exclusive event, whether it took place in the palaces of opulence, or in those where the destinies of the planet are decided.
Their songs and stories are marginalized.
The shoulders in front of their ingenuous examples are recommended, as well as the protection of head and heart from their words, if fed by the action.
Theirs is a dangerous god, with the minuscule initial letter in the name as in every verse of the dedicated prayer, while the population elected by the latter are the ones who in turn have chosen the earth.
Unlike the digital generation, they do not claim to be just angry and tired people.
On the contrary, they are creatures capable of celebrating unity and ideals without moving at all, remaining steady before the mad rush towards the abyss.
Everyone are worth everything, without any exclusion.
Indeed, more than anything else, they are not a horde possessed by dull anger, but a huge family pervaded by joyous indignation.
There is no weariness in the soul, but unstoppable love, typical of those who would like it even more.
Of love.
Their sin is deadly for the masters of today, more than for themselves.
It undermines the boundaries of a formal sacredness by
simply knocking them down.
They raise temples from top to bottom.
And, sacrilege among the sacrileges, they think to be a harmonious part among the variety of living things, with the utopian conviction of being something more than simple cards of a human domino, all the same, all in a row, with the sole task of pushing each other and falling down, silently.
The dream is this, and it has the shape of an inescapable request that will be sent anywhere without fear.
Enough with keep going.
Let us raise the boot that tramples the gift.
Let us remove the greedy claw from what remains of the precious harvest.
Let us deprive the horizon of our overbearing shadow.
And all together, for the salvation of everything.
Let’s take a step back...

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