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Letter to children about borders and walls against immigrants

Stories and News No. 1140

To you.
To you, who are out there, or even here, next to me.
Above all to you, while you are still living the age of justified fragility and candor nurtured by heart.
Nonetheless, to all of you who have somehow been lucky enough to keep all that, regardless of the illusion called flowing time.
Forgive us.
Really, forgive us all.
We, the adults.
We, the older ones.
We, and among us, more than ever those who often make choices for themselves, stating them as popular desire.
We apologize if we have grown up and aged by cultivating fear more than anything else.
We are afraid, yes.
We are incalculably afraid of everything.
Even of you, especially you.

We are afraid, that is, often the certainty, that you were much more courageous than us, rather than hope, as it would be our moral and generational obligation.
We are afraid of what we see as different, when instead your eyes have already cataloged as human.
We are much afraid of what we ignore, that so far your curiosity has not only discovered, but even learned to love.
We also have got a boundless fear of what comes from afar, which on the contrary has been close to you since the first meeting.
Because the future, where it was painted by an innocent look’s imagination, travels at the light’s speed: the distances are contracted and the time expands.
Too bad we have forgotten how such extraordinary magic works, since it is still today the most realistic of the possible fantasies.
Perhaps we should have been more careful, at school, as we demand it from you now.
Or, maybe, it would have been useful to review the essential lessons in the followed years, instead of hiding more and more under our cowardice.
The fact is that we are incredibly confusing creatures, here it is the biggest defect of the generation that should give you the pace for the awaiting horizon.
This confusion prevented us from understanding the most important thing.
That fear is not just a word, it is much more.
It is an emotion.
That's why we cannot wipe it out with the eraser or the DEL key on the keyboard.
Surely we cannot think of seeing it disappearing with other words, however screamed and sold to the highest bidder.
Such as borders or walls.
It does not matter how vast is the set of discourses and reasoning, rules and proclamations.
The fear will remain.
On the contrary, the next day it will show itself in the chest with even worse vehemence.
Be indulgent, then, but not too much, when you will fully understand what mistakes we are making, when we have the responsibility to show you the right way.
For this you will have to find the latter alone, ignoring our example, such as our advice.
Because you have learned to know fear too, fortunately for you not as much as we do.
But you still have the courage to live it, learning from it.
Protect that wonderful gift from us.
In the same way that we have educated you to be afraid of us, you have to learn from our faults.
Because in the last century there has already been a world built on terror.
Hurry up and replace us, and pick up where we saved it from.
With the promise we betrayed.
Never again we will live in fear.
Never again.

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