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Stories and News No. 1136

Yes, all right, fine.
We already know, really, we know everything.
Especially where white hair begins to exceed time to lose with the already said and listened.
Nonetheless, even in every other eventuality, we should know it.
Because it does not take a genius to understand that people like Donald Trump – men with a vulgarly rigged face, from the a past and a ridiculous present, from the total lack of authority as credibility, there have already been in the history.
We will see others of that kind, unfortunately.

We know it, we do, but then we exchange the human memory for the hard disk, where you can copy and paste over the new stuff to convince yourself that you have updated, and something, sometimes the essential gifts, gets confused.
So, taking advantage of these vulnerable ranges of moral perplexity, someone who is blatantly wrong manages to catch the helm of a country.
However, it does not take a magniloquent culture to know that guys like Matteo Salvini – people who hardly perceive the sound of words like humanity and empathy, who desperately need to feed hatred to divert attention from their pusillanimity, there were many before, perhaps too many.
Others will come, unluckily.
We perfectly know how to disguise the screaming barker, we all know it, but then we choose the individual at the expense of the community, dreaming of being the only one who just made it.
Yet, since world means society, peoples and their path make us change course, not just one single person.
Those are characters in the movies, some novels and lots of fairy tales.
Because we know it, we like to dream, but basically we see the truth of reality.
We are perfectly aware that in every age, more or less cyclically, if the healthy part of people arrears even a centimeter, considering for a fraction of a second the sacrifice of human rights to the detriment of personal affirmation, unscrupulous guys come forward.
Since it has already happened an infinite number of times, the opposite would be absurd.
But the fact that history repeats itself, even in the most horrible paragraphs, reminds us that even our great-grandchildren will once again find themselves at this difficult point.
We know this, but we continue to make the same mistakes, believing in the illusion of the dictator with a false smile and the strong man’s delirium with fake muscles and heart.
However, we also know that sooner or later, the many brave and virtuous souls who believe they are alone to resist, will raise their heads and look at each other, finding each other and becoming a single body.
To arch their backs and dignity, unhinging the new crazy intruder.
Because it has already happened, and even today you can hear the thud of the past fall.
So we know, we all know it.
Nonetheless, meanwhile, let’s try not to hurt each other too much, okay?

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