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The plastic whale

Stories and News No. 1137

I was and I am a whale.
Despite time, despite you, dis-harmonic variable in the natural equation.
I was alive yesterday, but today I am dead.
Nothing strange in the passage, except the result of this underrated journey that only a few still believe priceless, whatever the traveler might be.
Read also as the extremely negligible life of the considered minor species.
In short, animals.
Yet there was a time when I was feared like the undisputed protagonist of the greatest novel of the whole literature, as well as queen of the oceans.
Tell me what you're afraid of, I'll know what your soul really is worth, it must be written on the bottom of the latter.

whale plastic death
Almost 6Kg (13lbs) of plastic were found in the belly of a whale stranded in eastern Indonesia
But only those who have got the courage to explore the abyss or the misfortune of sinking on the path can decipher the message.
It will tell you that the current men have chosen to be afraid only of themselves.
Blessed is the time when the mad captain from the wooden leg and obsessed to the unknown monster was only a fictional metaphor of human presumption.
We should never allow paper characters to become flesh, because they always end up disappointing us.
In fact, I did not stop breathing for a crazy hunter's harpoon.
Nor for the bites of a shark with gargantuan greed.
Nor even for solitude, a typical illness of too large creatures to be understood in a second. May the heaven curse the congenital haste of this unfortunate time dominated by the anxiety to escape.
I have not interrupted my sinuous swimming, although the dimensions contradicted me, because of a scorching love disappointment.
The one I fell in love with has always remained faithful to me, ever treating me with a timeless courtesy, demonstrating what cavalry world really derives from. My dear seahorse, may Neptune have him in glory.
I have also not disappeared from the water globe for a mere evolutionary question, however bitterly.
In my faith, I have never had problems with the inevitable passage on this earth, if it follows the perfect design of the latter.
I trust this planet, I understood it as soon as it welcomed me into its liquid womb that it would always have made the right choice.
Too bad that I cannot say the same about mister Anthropocene.
Nonetheless, I did not die murdered directly at your hands, although this does not exculpate many of you.
Because I was a whale, a wonderful being who can not but leave breathless those who are still able to broaden their gaze and emotions before the living gifts.
I am still a whale, but instead of my heart now in my chest you can see a hellish mixture of one hundred and fifteen cups, four bottles, twenty-five bags, two flip flops, a sack of nylon, and a thousand other pieces of various shapes and colors.
Of plastic.
Yes it is, for your poisonous favorite material, I left the scene.
Well, I did not agree to participate at the Earth show to end like this.
Please, before it's too late, immediately cease to consider yourself worthy directors and screenwriters of what remains of the world.
As was expected from the very beginning, let nature be the one to write the story of us all, and the mothers to tell it.
Sit down, then.
And, as long as there is still time, listen to their song...

whale plastic bottles

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