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What is terrorism and what is not?

Stories and News No. 1134

Terrorism or not terrorism.
This is the modern question, no to be or not.
Whether it is reasonable in the mind to undoubtedly accept the approximate sentences in the news, or to go deep inside the facts between lots of lies and by finding end them.
I could go on, sinning for the umpteenth time of naive trust in the audience.
That is, the respectful people who become public.
I wish it was like that.
We would have an infinitely perfect scenario before us, if we might be able to solve everything with a stage play, whose revealing force could be concentrated in the main monologue. A solo of vibrating words that, like the wandering theater company in the Hamlet, could be able to scare the impostor king, forcing him to stop the staging.
Then I would go ahead, as I used to.
Terrorism or not terrorism.

A man enters a bar dressed in black, with a cap of the same color on his head.
Is he a terrorist?
No, maybe yes, but the dress is not enough to define the gesture, and with him the protagonist, let’s wait for more.
The next day, another man detonates a car.
Is it a terrorist act?
That’s probable, or not, but there are many things to know, and first pages and disturbing images to see, let’s be patient.
The first man has smoke bombs with him and lights them up to create confusion around.
Is he a terrorist, now?
Well, in fact, but let's wait.
The second kills a person and stabs seriously two.
Is it terrorism?
Looking at the now viral video, it would seem obvious, but you have to wait.
The first one kills a guard at the entrance and then murders dozens of young people. Twelve people dead.
It's terrorism, come on...
No, let's wait.
The second one was hit by the agents and then died at the hospital.
Was he a terrorist?
Don’t be hurry.
Terrorism or non-terrorism, the atrocious doubt remains, to feed digital crusaders or the archive of the crazy shooters.
A few moments, and the usual verdict is issued.
The first man had a Glock 45 legally registered and is a former marine.
Is it terrorism, then?
No, since psychiatrists have already gone to his home.
The reason for the gesture is not known, and in this case madness writes the word end better than anyone.
What about the second aggressor?
It's a Somali immigrant, you say it.
Is it terrorism?
Wait, otherwise they accuse us of discrimination.
Is it?
Done, the requested Islamic claim has arrived, so write, remember, assimilate.
Terrorism and not terrorism, all you have to do is wait for the usual balance to recompose itself.
To justify wars and walls in the lazy brain of the paying spectators.
Anyway, if it were enough to write a story, to show the fake hall once and for all and blow up the liar stage, I would stop here with this, and I would go back telling about masks, darkness and light.

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