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Looking for planets and words

Stories and News No. 1145 I like to go out. Escaping from me, from here, every day. I have to, and I am happy because I can. Nonetheless, I'm not alone. Looking for planets and words of a humanly fulfilled sense. Now I am already flying and I am amazed, because I look and read that there is a world where an enormous country, full of green, nature and still pure creatures, fundamental for the existence of everything and everyone, is governed by a guy who promised to take every inch of the earth now occupied by the natives... Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's president Nevertheless, the rest of the living beings, of every species harmoniously coherent with the universe, realizes the danger and stands compact to face him, forcing him to abandon his crazy intentions. It is good for heart, but it's not enough to me. Because it's all too logical to be true. So I take a breath and blow air into the lungs that become wings and as a hopeful dirigible I trust the wind t

The mathematics of the last ones

Stories and News No. 1144 Once upon a time, we were reading and counting . How important these actions had been, so essential and unavoidable for every human purpose. As much as they should be today, in spite of the bad squawking out there, with all due respect for the bird's call. Read as well as the noise of the faceless crowd of artificially inflated number . That is exactly the game I want to talk about, the trick is all there. The deceptive words in one hand and the fake numbers in the other. Hidden in the sleeves of both you may find an underrated heart and a forgotten conscience, the most reliable truth machine so far, looking somebody’s face. Nonetheless, reading and counting , now seem outdated. In today's world, you look and believe slogans, of course, but above all “their” numbers. Where a brave woman as Patricia Okoumou , who climbed the Statue of Liberty to protest against an insensitive nation before the migration that is the very lymph of its existe

7-year-old Guatemalan girl at the border

Stories and News No. 1143 A 7-year-old girl from Guatemala died a few hours after being arrested on the US border. She was dehydrated and in a state of shock... Once upon a time there was a border and a girl child . Read her also as a precious glow traveling to the new world , which is a wonderful planet, cruel, and fascinating, after all. But it should be cursed, where it proves capable of dividing people on an imaginary line engraved on paper moved by fear of what matters most, for all of us, undeservedly called humans . Look at her now, then, the young martyr portrayed on a horizon’s portion. At the same time, watch the sacred edge on the other. Do you understand what I mean? This is what defines the sense of the common journey, now, at this precise moment. Among those who, for the survival of their children, throw behind the little that is all. And who, to defend a tangle of barbed wire and pusillanimity, sacrifice all of that little love for the next one left in the

All in one night

All in one night By Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher It is right. There is something correct in all of this. I mean, it must go like that, and it must be accepted too. That's what I tried to explain to my children, when they learned I would have been at work, that night. I'm the last one, and also the youngest. It’s your turn, they said. It is, I obeyed. Because this seems the sense of an already written destiny: you have to welcome and get the best out of what comes. The kids did not like it and they made me feel it in every possible way. My wife has given her best to do the opposite, but I already know that she has suffered even more, for a thousand other reasons. Among them, the fact that we are waiting for a third prince, who is a princess, and we are just a month before the race’s end. Besides recently we have moved in a new house, everything is unknown, from the neighborhood to the neighbors. When the world sounds foreign and unusual you need to have

Trump vs immigrants: the movie

Stories and News No. 1142 Once upon a time a movie’s writing process. Imagine the scene like a film too. As if we were properly all in a movie. The room is the classic one of a film producer, with the desk covered with paperwork, the posters on the walls and some prizes on the shelf. Nothing too elegant and glittering, we are not talking about an announced box office breach. But not even a more or less witty B-movie, despite the scarce money. Imagine a medium-quality work, which should be good for the average people, in order to give them what they want and need. Well, this is the trailer’s message for the kind of movie where promotion is everything. Nonetheless, the writer is trying to convince the money lender about the script. For the record, we are half of the latter. Oops, I forgot the title: Migrants . "So let's recap," says the producer, "the protagonist finally managed to get elected as government leaders, right?" "Right."

You are different

You are different By Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher Yes, I know. She has it all, my daughter. We spared nothing, my husband and I, and no one ever dared to speculate who resembled more, as they say to couples with young children. From exotic origins to different abilities – if we want to call them with affection and respect. From the original brain to an equally unusual way of perceiving and expressing emotions and feelings. From everything that can be called defect, impairment, disturbance or not, but it is noticed. Well, you cannot avoid to notice my Liza. I was expecting it, yesterday's scene, when we came back from school. I knew it would happen sooner or later. "Mom, I have to tell you something really important,", she told me once at home. Well, when a nine-year-old girl tells you that it's really important, you have to believe it. So, we went to her office, better known as her bedroom. "Tell me everything," I told her when we settl

What is opposition

Stories and News No. 1141 Once upon a time the opposition . Which is a feminine noun and, perhaps, it is much more. Nonetheless, let’s focus our attention solely on what the dictionary says, as if the latter were a strange kind of storyteller. In its particularly case, it is fond of words, rather than stories. Yet it often happens that some words are so important, so essential, to possess meanings that are real stories. With an incipit, a plot and a more or less reassuring moral. Well, enough with lingers, let's begin to narrate. Opposition means to oppose . In other words, to be opposite . In some cases, even the argument which we oppose someone or something with . However, we are still too vague on the specific target of this mine. So, let's frame it more clearly. Opposition is also the legally enforcement action taken by the parties opposed to the politics of the majority . Consequently, it is also the group of parliamentarians belonging to these parties and

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 70 Years Video

The 10th of December 2018 we will celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights . Storytellers for Peace , an international network born in 2016, formed by storytellers who tell stories through clips, made a special one for this great occasion. The artists, as much the tales, come from all over the world and speak about justice, equality, human rights and peace. The project was created and is coordinated by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher , author, playwright, storyteller and stage actor from Italy. Human rights regard all of us, not only artists or activists. That’s why, Storytellers for Peace have involved in their new video also colleagues, relatives, friends, or anyone else who wanted to join the work. Because, more than ever today, we have to say that this wonderful Declaration is still the best words we have. The 30 articles are told in their respective first language from 31 artists, educators, teachers, journalists, or just persons who care