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7-year-old Guatemalan girl at the border

Stories and News No. 1143

A 7-year-old girl from Guatemala died a few hours after being arrested on the US border.
She was dehydrated and in a state of shock...

Once upon a time there was a border and a girl child.
Read her also as a precious glow traveling to the new world, which is a wonderful planet, cruel, and fascinating, after all.
But it should be cursed, where it proves capable of dividing people on an imaginary line engraved on paper moved by fear of what matters most, for all of us, undeservedly called humans.
Look at her now, then, the young martyr portrayed on a horizon’s portion.
At the same time, watch the sacred edge on the other.
Do you understand what I mean? This is what defines the sense of the common journey, now, at this precise moment.
Among those who, for the survival of their children, throw behind the little that is all.
And who, to defend a tangle of barbed wire and pusillanimity, sacrifice all of that little love for the next one left in the heart.

In fact, there are mothers who renounce to youth and serenity, even just to give one more day to the precious fruit grown in the womb.
And others who think they care about their children, burning the migrant hopes.
There are fathers who would be able to walk the entire universe by feet, in order to find a place capable of welcoming their own living dreams, which they have given great eyes and an uncontrollable desire to open them.
But, at the same time, there are others so short-sighted of empathy and feelings to teach their own blood that the distance between peoples is worth more than the people themselves.
It is the current contradiction.
There are those who give birth to life offering the world.
And there are those who think of saving their future hiding the latter inside their wallet.
There are too many whose survival is daily repelled by the edges of a selfish existence.
And those who, when questioned, declare themselves unaware of the consequences of empty words, such as security and identity, patriot and national pride, purity and yes, borders.
Well, the latter are the favorite children of the so-called strong leader.
Because this is precisely what this guy, and his accomplice society, are doing, without realizing it.
After having baptized a wall with the blood of the poor of this century, nursed it with breasts full of hatred and nourished with obtuse lies and inhuman proclamations, they have entrusted their soldier with a killing task.
So that the frightened man in the shelter of his house ignores such ignoble deeds the ferocious guardian is making at the edge of the village.
Yet, nonetheless, even today, once upon a time a girl child lost on an overestimated line of invisible dust, whose significance depends on already made choices, and the still possible ones of all humanity.
Which is, willy-nilly, in the middle between only seven years of life and all the stories and the days, loves and sorrows, billions of simple moments and an unmissable, small handful of fragments which it is worth to be born for.
Because if our border will be an obstacle or a bridge between the present and the future.
It depends on us all...

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