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Looking for planets and words

Stories and News No. 1145

I like to go out.
Escaping from me, from here, every day.
I have to, and I am happy because I can.
Nonetheless, I'm not alone.
Looking for planets and words of a humanly fulfilled sense.
Now I am already flying and I am amazed, because I look and read that there is a world where an enormous country, full of green, nature and still pure creatures, fundamental for the existence of everything and everyone, is governed by a guy who promised to take every inch of the earth now occupied by the natives...

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's president
Nevertheless, the rest of the living beings, of every species harmoniously coherent with the universe, realizes the danger and stands compact to face him, forcing him to abandon his crazy intentions.
It is good for heart, but it's not enough to me.
Because it's all too logical to be true.
So I take a breath and blow air into the lungs that become wings and as a hopeful dirigible I trust the wind that still travels free.
I see it now, a world similar to the previous one, where at the head of an extraordinarily flourishing and colorful land there is a disturbing man, who is used to call terrorists those who risk their own lives to defend human rights.

Sônia Guajajara
In spite of this, the brute should not sleep well, since the other inhabitants over the border are aware that silence, turning the page, closing eyes and conscience before such attitudes means being accomplices.
Nobody could feel innocent, later.
So they talk to each other and, in short, take public and active position.
I smile, and the anguish decreases.
Yet, I think there is something excessively sensible to be real.
So I load the shoulder muscles and bring my hands back to give myself the usual push to the alternatives missing pieces on the horizon.
Be brave, I tell myself, and I'm not disappointed.
Because in the galaxy immediately next I find a planet where the most oxygen giver and best creative of colors and shapes nation has got as leader a guy who announced he wants to break the world's largest forest in two with a motorway, clearing and flattening it mercilessly.

Well, those are unacceptable propositions for the involved creatures, that is all of them.
In fact, thanks to a laborious but effective supportive communication, or intelligent use of social networks, they are all rushed to shield the common endangered wealth.
I exalt myself in front of such a demonstration of love for today, as for tomorrow, for themselves, as for the children who will come, in addition to those who already await a wise nod.
However, I have the distinct impression that the lights are too bright and the sharing of the noble intent has been too easy.
So, I watch the actors with a more careful eye, I listen again to the lines, and after a few moments I recognize the author.
It is the usual story.
Which I’m used to go out with.
To escape from myself, from this world, every day.
I cannot live without it, and I am grateful because I have the time to do it.
But I'm sure I'm not the only one looking for words and planets.
To make them once and for all look like this absurdity we call earth…

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