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The mathematics of the last ones

Stories and News No. 1144

Once upon a time, we were reading and counting.
How important these actions had been, so essential and unavoidable for every human purpose.
As much as they should be today, in spite of the bad squawking out there, with all due respect for the bird's call.
Read as well as the noise of the faceless crowd of artificially inflated number.
That is exactly the game I want to talk about, the trick is all there.
The deceptive words in one hand and the fake numbers in the other.
Hidden in the sleeves of both you may find an underrated heart and a forgotten conscience, the most reliable truth machine so far, looking somebody’s face.
Nonetheless, reading and counting, now seem outdated.
In today's world, you look and believe slogans, of course, but above all “their” numbers.
Where a brave woman as Patricia Okoumou, who climbed the Statue of Liberty to protest against an insensitive nation before the migration that is the very lymph of its existence, becomes the only one, punished to educate the many.

The world where governments do not get elected anymore with more or less maintained promises, but with social like’s and popularity subscriptions even before having replied the appropriate answers.
The world where inevitably and fortunately the infamous policy against refugees and even abortion leads you to remain alone, perhaps alongside Hungary, in front of the United Nations.

Nevertheless, where you are the most powerful and feared one, every calculation could be derisory.
If all this were not enough, the world where, repeating exactly some atrocious crimes of the past, the most fragile people in need of protection and support, like children, are marked with ignoble numbers.

However, you who rely on the inevitability of your inhumane formulas should know that where your greedy eye can not certainly arrive there is another kind of science.
The mathematics of the last ones.
History tells it, nature shows it, this is our theorem.
We divide the zero that you have left us in equal parts and that is how it becomes infinite.
We can only subtract, that is true, because you have all the sums, but you are not able to imagine how it is possible to defeat privations.
It's called resistance, it's an incorruptible axiom, and that's why in every century you make the mistake of underestimating it.
This is how what for you is little, for us it becomes everything.
Slowly, sure, without clamor, agreed.
But that's how we take ours back.
As the earth does, so do we.
As trampled snowflakes, forced to a steep existence, inexorably we make ourselves avalanche.
Like grains of dust thrown into the wind, we come back stronger than before.
Like martyr's drops of blood, we console each other.
This makes us real people, what you will never be.
Once upon a time, therefore, reading and counting.
For sure the day will come when you will be obliged to look away from the sacred trends of stock exchange to watch us with your naked eye and finally understand.
What does really means.
Being many...

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