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Trump vs immigrants: the movie

Stories and News No. 1142

Once upon a time a movie’s writing process.
Imagine the scene like a film too.
As if we were properly all in a movie.
The room is the classic one of a film producer, with the desk covered with paperwork, the posters on the walls and some prizes on the shelf.
Nothing too elegant and glittering, we are not talking about an announced box office breach.
But not even a more or less witty B-movie, despite the scarce money.
Imagine a medium-quality work, which should be good for the average people, in order to give them what they want and need.
Well, this is the trailer’s message for the kind of movie where promotion is everything.
Nonetheless, the writer is trying to convince the money lender about the script.
For the record, we are half of the latter.
Oops, I forgot the title: Migrants.

"So let's recap," says the producer, "the protagonist finally managed to get elected as government leaders, right?"
"How does the plot goes on, then?"
"You know… that's the problem. The first part was easy."
"Do you mean the one about the electoral campaign?"
"Yeah, I wrote it without thinking."
"I saw."
"What do you mean?"
"Nothing, let's move on."
"Easy to say..."
The man who pays the bills, which moreover has much more experience than the other, moves the bust forward and he is about to speak with a paternalistic tone.
"Listen, let’s be clear about that: what is the program’s essence that allowed the guy to grab the decisive votes?"
The writer thinks about it for a brief moment, but nothing more, because the query is really trivial.
"Voting him people would have elected the normal citizen instead of the usual politicians and would have kick the illegal immigrants off."
"So, is really this what happened?"
"In the movie, do you mean?"
"Of course, but let’s be honest, at least among us."
"The truth is that the man is anything but an ordinary citizen, he’s a rich and powerful guy. Indeed, regarding the immigrants, it is well explained in the movie that he succeeds in convincing the voters thanks to a capillary media system, especially social networks, which spreads endlessly tons of lies and manipulations about immigration. "
"That's right. And what does all this bring us? "
"He won thanks to lies?"
"It seems obvious to me, isn’t it? You wrote the movie, am I wrong?"
"No, you're not."
"Well, you’re not the first writer that I had to educate, believe me. On the other hand, I always had the last word and do you know what it is?"
"No, but I am convinced you’re about to tell me."
"My signature on the check, young blood."
"I see."
"So, speaking of the movie, the creative stalemate doesn’t concern if he is or not a common citizen, one of the people, one of them, because they still believe that, even because he often makes clamorous gaffes and says embarrassing things, and everyone feels reassured."
"It's true!"
"Of course it is. The real problem is about the immigration."
"Simple. Because that's the bigger lie."
"I see..."
"On the other hand, the introductory part of your movie is clear. The country which the guy lives in has enormous and unresolved issues such as the bad infrastructures from east to west that put the population at risk everyday, corruption at every level, an unacceptable number of homeless, to name a few. All of that and much more, before talking about the alleged problem of illegal immigrants, who are of a modest number before other nations of comparable value. "
"He's right, there are no illegal immigrants..."
"There are, but they are not as many as was lied. Now, if the movie will be a successful one, as I hope, we have to draw a final that prepares the sequel."
"You mean..."
"Yes, I mean the next election. People cannot see that illegal immigrants are much less. Finally, even the opposition could realize it..."
"I found!"
"Good, tell me, I'm curious."
"Well, in order to get elected the man who aspired to lead the country exaggerated the real amount of illegal citizens. Once elected – having the power, he must do nothing but create illegal immigrants where there are not."
"How could he do it?"
"Easy as it is logical: implementing a repressive treatment of the migratory phenomenon, approving laws that seriously undermine the human rights of asylum seekers and migrants with the effect of increasing the number of people in a state of irregularity."
"Great! Is it a your idea?"
"No, I was inspired by reality..."

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