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What is opposition

Stories and News No. 1141

Once upon a time the opposition.
Which is a feminine noun and, perhaps, it is much more.
Nonetheless, let’s focus our attention solely on what the dictionary says, as if the latter were a strange kind of storyteller.
In its particularly case, it is fond of words, rather than stories.
Yet it often happens that some words are so important, so essential, to possess meanings that are real stories.
With an incipit, a plot and a more or less reassuring moral.
Well, enough with lingers, let's begin to narrate.
Opposition means to oppose.
In other words, to be opposite.
In some cases, even the argument which we oppose someone or something with.
However, we are still too vague on the specific target of this mine.
So, let's frame it more clearly.
Opposition is also the legally enforcement action taken by the parties opposed to the politics of the majority.
Consequently, it is also the group of parliamentarians belonging to these parties and all those who are their members.
If all this were not enough, opposition is also the contradiction to one idea with another, the antagonism to a theory with one's own.
Where we want to emphasize everything with a purely philosophical meaning, opposition is the relationship between two denying concepts, which are mutually exclusive.
When we wish to obtain the approval of structural linguistics, we might add that opposition is the relationship between elements that could occupy the same place in a statement.
However, if this happened, they would produce different meanings.
In short, opposites.

opposition what is it

Nevertheless, when we speak of storytelling, the sacred rules demand the inevitable conflict to be faced.
The hostile obstacle.
Without the latter’s overcoming the plot is stalled and every character, from the most important to the most expendable one too.
Sometimes it happens in the most complicated stories that it might be very difficult to identify.
Nevertheless, it is not our case.
Our country leaders, too many during these hard times, are individuals who do not have any consideration of human dignity, any care about the peaceful coexistence between the various components of society, no respect for different cultures and traditions, no strategy for climate change caused by humanity.
The people who have been entrusted with our destiny are busily trying to turn the world back on its darkest days, ignoring and obscuring every progress made to protect global peace, even before national.
Like other bad leaders already seen and suffered, as long as they will have power in their hands, they will use it to divide the poor among themselves, unleashing armies of people against people, selling weapons and lies.
It is said that for the person endowed with worthy rectitude, the real difficulty does not consist in understanding what is the right choice to do, but not to do it once understood.
Well, before the aforementioned scenario, for those who simply declare to care about two precious riches – that is the whole earth and human race, without any distinction, being, making and shouting opposition against their governments should be the easiest thing in the world...

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