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Decolonize Africa

Stories and News No. 1150
Dear white brother.
I am talking to you, Italy Vice-Premier Luigi Di Maio.
It’s your black brother who’s writing this.

Recently, I heard you talking about decolonizing Africa and I jumped on the chair.
Then you have accused France of impeding development and contribute to the departure of men dying in the Mediterranean.
You were doing so well, brother, you were doing so well.
Maybe I misunderstood.
You didn’t want to exclude Italy, right?
Because it's not true at all, you know? But we’ll get there, let's not just focus on France, and let’s talk about the topic with more attention and facts.
We are talking about foreign military bases in Africa. We are talking about installations of soldiers and vehicles by the United States and China, Russia and Germany, Turkey, India and Japan, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.
We can discuss of foreign nations that are slowly taking land from Africans, buying it under their feet. Among the major thieves of soil and nature there is also your country, the homeland of the ‘Italians first’, as well as of course the US of the wall and Austria of the closed borders, Brazil with the racist president and Great Britain who voted to isolate themselves.
Italy to the Italians and Africa to Africans, it’s not convenient to you, do you understand?
Do you realize that Italian companies are among the largest investors in Africa?
Only in 2016 Italy was at the third place with 11.6 billion dollars, behind China with 38.4 billion and the United Arab Emirates with 14.9 billion.
If you invest, it means that you earn money, man.
About oil and gas, among all the natural resources, you take away a lot, brother.
Well, what are you ready to show yourself generous with?
As soon as you realize that there is a kind of conflict, in Africa, here you come with your gifts.
For the record, only in Algeria between 2010 and 2014 Italy sold arms for 1.37 billion euros.
You are not alone among the guilty of such legalized infamy. This is the point, my brother, neither you nor France.
A recent study by the World Bank, called The Changing Wealth of Nations 2018, has shown clear evidence of the impoverishment of Africa due to the reckless extraction of minerals, oil and gas, facilitated by ruthless policies on repayment of foreign loans and the repatriation of the profits of the multinationals, which make the sacking of the entire continent unchanged.
You see, the truth about Africa, in other words something that will hardly become popular in this historical moment, is that for centuries foreign countries like France, but also the United States, Great Britain, but also China and Belgium, Spain and Portugal, Germany and even Italy have robbed us of our resources without giving back anything of the spoils for the development of the continent, leaving behind wars, misery and pollution.
Dear brother, the paradox of this absurd reality, where you are Vice-Premier and I am the immigrant, is so huge and awkward that if during the next two hundred years we Africans could go anywhere in the world without finding any opposition – on the contrary receiving warm welcome, also in that improbable case you and I would be neither remotely even...

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