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The Most Italian Wanted

Stories and News No. 1148
Here we are.
Everything is accomplished.
I know, it's not the first time it happens.
And when it takes, it does.
That is, where there is a damned need for victories to be celebrated and illuminated on the middle of the popular scene, with the irrepressible, governmental desire to distract citizens from bad thoughts, we cannot ignore the most greedy opportunities.
Well, the adjective is very fitting, because it’s like being at one of those dinners at the end of the year, where things didn’t go well at all, far from it, but there is nothing better than a big binge and, above all, a nice drink to fall asleep and forget.
At least for one night.
Nonetheless, we are here to tell stories and to those who, like myself, live in the perennial search for suggestive narratives, the eventuality is equally unavoidable.
Therefore, let's go back to the main picture.
We are at the Ciampino Airport.
The man is about to arrive.
By now, his appearance is taken for granted.
It's morning, it's sunny and winter is the setting for the great event.
Camera flashes are waiting anxiously, just as the fingertips are quivering, looking for the usual historical snapshot to sell to the highest bidder.
Because the guy is incredibly wanted.
We can also say that, more than ever at this time, he is the most wanted.
In fact, from the moment that the new Italian government took the office in the country, his name is everyday on the top news.
This is his time, the definitive one.
He dreamed of it for decades, between one nightmare and another.
Who knows how many times he have watch it under his eyelids, in favor of the only spectator granted.
In short, his conscience.
Since, despite appearances can resoundingly contradict me, he will have it somewhere, even if we cannot clearly know in what conditions it might be.
Because let's say it without delay, let’s ban the misunderstandings, in order that nobody could say that I have subversive intentions, or even partial forgiving views.
The shame of his actions precedes him and it doesn’t deserve any clemency.
His name is associated with people and ideas of life and values that sound disturbing, to say the least.
Much of what concerns him is a cumbersome burden on his person, even before any judgment is issued.
The organization which he is not scandalized at all to be part of it’s stained by unspeakable crimes. And it will certainly not be the complicity and protection of some foreign leader or country that will succeed in making the verdict of History less severe.
Yet, despite the shadows on the biography of the infamous protagonist of this tale there are admirers and supporters in my country.
Because Italy is made like that, today.
It is a nation largely composed of fans and eternal teenagers, creatures without memory and unconscious, inebriated with ignorance and devoted to the adoration of the random guy exalted by the main lights.
No matter who, let alone what he did yesterday.
It's only today, now, that matters, and hurry up to finish, which it will soon be passed.
Here we are, then.
The man has arrived, the most wanted has come.
Go ahead with photos and news titles already made.

But not for Cesare Battisti.
This story I just wrote is about him.
The alleged heroic minister who has won again...

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