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The new wall

Stories and News No. 1147

Once upon a time there was a wall.
You remember it, right?
It come to light in August 1961.
Read also as the disgraceful echo of two shameful stains in History that affects us all directly, in flesh, blood and memory: the world wars.
Nonetheless, not the beginning, but the end of a conflict should teach something to the contenders, and especially the dead’s relatives.
That is not a wall, we are all witnesses and heirs of it.
Nonetheless, the line of suspicion and rivalry that separated Germany, and with it the world, in two necessarily opposing souls, it lived thirty years.
In fact, in November 1991, preceded in the previous year by a memorable concert, its destruction began.
However, it started just like that.
Because this is how the life of the most excruciating walls works, which find the best glue between bricks in the most visceral suffering.
They take shape in the short and when you least realize it you find yourself on the other side of your enemy, suddenly become such. By order from above, of course, always from above, do not be wrong about that. Because walls are like wars, they the weakest ones build and die for them, but the cynical project on paper is drawn up only by powerful pencils and hands.

However, reducing the terrible impact on our existence requires constant attention and perseverance, dedication and clarity on a daily basis.
They are like a flaming fire that becomes harmless embers to our noble breath, but nothing is enough, as only a new load of hatred and lies can be, to make them resurrected.
That's why today's tyrants are loudly shouting the need for new walls.
The truth is that they have started to build their bulwarks long before invoking them on the borders from the rest of the world, which they necessarily isolate themselves from, since they know no other way to relate to neighbors.
The barbed wire fence, or bricks, is only the definitive monument to be erected directly on the still open wound.
They have already separated us long ago, when they begin to claim the construction.
They always do it, they cannot do anything else. Poor against poor, in words, as in symbols. Army and police deployed against both, in uniforms as in posture. Close peoples against distant ones, in shared images, as in slogans and promised plans. And yet your god against mine, your science against my superstitions, your hope against my cynicism, your naive trust in humanity against my fear of everything and everyone.
The new wall will not be between the USA and Mexico, that is, it will not be the new one at all.
To be honest, it makes no sense to talk about old or even the opposite.
The wall has always been there, among us, kept alive day and night by those who will never be able to see us all as one.
For this reason, who has the belief that the latter is the only solution which will allow us to still exist, they must never stop, I repeat, never get up every morning and leave the house to throw down bricks and make leaking light and compassion between us.

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