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Defense is always legitimate?

Stories and News No. 1163   Let's say I'm a person like many others. Many more than the ones counted inside the storytelling that pleases and, above all, has got the task of being liked. Hence, don’t focus on someone in particular, but take these words as the heartfelt message that could come out from a complex and ever more rich variety of humans, distinguished by their heterogeneity. Let’s imagine, in this regard, that I’m hurriedly considered a different creature or, superficially, part of a minority. Equally guilty seen as negligible value and absentmindedly moved towards the perennial role of subordinate appearance. I could therefore be, trivially, a desperate immigrant or perhaps simply a clandestine, a repeatedly maltreated woman or an individual with an unfairly criminalized sexuality, an abused child in the silence of a condominium or a forgotten elder, but those in need and therefore uncomfortable, and others. Yet today, I am a happy person and at the sam

We invaded you

Stories and News No. 1162   In Italy a 13 years old boy save himself and the other students on a school bus hijacked from the driver calling help with his cell phone. We invaded you. Yes, it's true, I mean it. It’s useless to deny it: we invaded you . In countless ways, we did it. Like "the attacker" and "the hero", the former armed with petrol cans and the latter with a phone, with which to call the police, if necessary. And sheltered by such popular masks, made so by the rumor of newspapers, here are the only features that serve the intended storytelling: "the bad immigrant" and "the good one". But also the "Islamic terrorist" and the "brave citizen", despite according to the law the latter is still nothing more than a foreigner . It matters something to know that for the man Islamic terrorism is excluded . But, if this "something" becomes little for the majority of people, why ask further ques

Nobody dies anymore

Stories and News No. 1161   Antonio Tajani , one of our fellow citizen who currently holds the role of president of the European Parliament, has recently spoke about Mussolini , arousing strong criticism also internationally, with a classic refrain typical of the more nostalgic far-right: the man has also done good things (bridges, roads, and so on). This suggests me a story about Italy... Once upon a time there was an old country. I’m saying very old. Indeed, a lot more. I mean extraordinarily so. The exceptionally old country had got this particular nature from its inhabitants. By that, I should have started the story by reciting: once upon a time there was an old country inhabited by old people. However, the qualifying adjective would have been redundant, and so I started from the place to point out those who live there, that's all. I am referring to the persons who are old, very old, so old that they cannot in any way separate themselves from the past, howeve

The perfect social network

Stories and News No. 1160   According to a recent Italian research conducted on nearly 6000 under 20 young people about 1 in 4 of the interviewees never worried about the privacy of their data online and, almost as many, they are occasionally interested on that. In addition, more than 7 out of 10 teenagers joined a social network when they were under 14 and 4 out of 10 know only half of their so-called 'friends'. My name is Mark, but I may have lied. I could also be Jennifer, or Carl. Okay, okay, a possible lie is certainly not a good start, building everything else on that. However, I wouldn’t be the first, right? Right? In any case, my name is Mark and I am a person, period. So far, nothing special, everything normal, almost like reality. Well, that ‘almost’ is what makes me awake at night. So, I found the solution to all my problems. I don’t tell you names, but I’m talking about a social network, that one. You know it, right? Well, I used my picture editor