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Why I quit social media

It's a bit long, I know that, but I have to say all. In any case, I finally did it. It took a while and I admit it wasn't easy. It was a process of rediscovered or renewed awareness that wasn’t immediate. It needed intermediate steps. I must admit that also studies and other contributions on the topic gave me the final push. So, recently I deactivated my profiles and related pages on the various social media I had subscribed in the last years, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have kept only the Youtube channel since I never considered it a social network like the aforementioned ones and for various reasons, such as the greater freedom to control the contents and the way of sharing them. Let's get to the title: why did I make this decision? At the time when I began to consider this choice, years ago, there were already enough reasons to me, but as I started to think about it with more commitment and, above all, to study and read about, I found a lot

My social network

A short story by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher A tale from the future, or the present too. It always depends on where you choose to travel with your own imagination... That’s peace, that’s what I called serenity. All thanks to the new world where I was born. To be honest, to those who designed, implemented and sold it. I've got peace, now. Especially tonight, this early spring’ Saturday, under the shelter of my beloved apartment, my very thick walls, the surgically armored front door and all the fabulous double glazing windows. May the sacred operating system, which controls all of us, bless them. I’m calm, finally, because my diligent voice assistant just told me that I have no other option available, since I have reached the maximum level of quiet within the social media. I've always called it my social network, despite it has become a colossal spider web as big as the planet itself. Yes, I know. It sounds disturbing. It looks like the work of an evil creature

Who are the others?

Stories and News No. 1164   While I scroll among newspaper articles and social delusions disguised as blogs and informative pages I’ve got the same feeling that these days is often inside myself and it's not a good one. Confining to the popular and most widespread news, I have the impression of seeing and reviewing, reading and rereading, stuff already seen and read, but which are repeated cyclically each time in a more grotesque and pathetic version. It’s surprising only in that, as if the entire world were trapped in a kind of loop that every time brings us back to the starting point. Then, in addition to the restlessness that all this entails, I am overcome by the fear of finding myself an integral part of this show that has long since expired. Perhaps by writing something that I have already written, with the same words, but deprived of the precious originality. Nevertheless, I cannot help but notice, at this very moment, how obvious in my humble opinion is the eno