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European elections 2019: how to vote on planet Titanic

Stories and News No. 1165   Most of what personally concerns me doesn’t count now. My selfish interests and my aspirations don’t matter. Not right now, when once again we’re a few days from the umpteenth moment when our vote is required to choose a party, a vision, moreover the people who’ll decide our future as humanity , even before citizens and nations . I move to the window that looks out on the outside world, the real or the imagined one. With great perplexity I close my eyes and I see. I see our beloved and mistreated mother earth that over time has turned into a strange kind of planet-shaped ship, which sails without sails or engine, driven on her journey by the sheer weight of her passengers, bringing an unmistakable name on: Titanic . The word is enough to those with memory and maybe a bit of common sense survived during the trip. I’m a simple cabin’s boy on board and perhaps this is not a coincidence, just as it’s not so unusual that it’s precisely the most