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The lost pages

Stories and News No. 1170   This story comes from an afternoon of few months ago. I was late and I was in a hurry. When that happens I tend to bend my head down, on the sidewalk, prompted to do so by the fear of stumbling or, at worst, falling. I never liked hurry and, since I can remember, I try to move from home in time, so that I can enjoy the beauty of every journey. Read also that as the many gifts that await us along the travel between the departure and the arrival. Well, that day, I began to notice some book pages on the ground. They were scattered one after the other, some I noticed under a parked car and others ended up in a bush. I took a handful of seconds to look at one up close. I crouched and saw that the paper was yellowed, then aged. I didn't know the title of the novel, but it's not important here. That is, it is immensely, but to me, I keep it for myself, I hope you don't mind. On the contrary, I would like to share with you where the thoug

The youngest vote fairy tale

Stories and News No. 1169   Once upon a time a land. You could also call it State or Nation, Republic and democracy. Nevertheless, using expressions such as a set of citizens, or even daring to bring up the much-undervalued community of individuals, you would still not be wrong. Because you would always be talking about the same concept: a place inhabited by human beings, whose related existence is, in this case, regulated by a specific government’s condition. You could also call theme as the administrators of public affairs, or those who have been appointed to represent all the inhabitants, facilitating their requests and guiding the community towards a better quality of existence. In any case, you would be right. Because the task and the associated responsibilities would be the same: to preserve the present of a population with absolute consideration, working hard to guarantee its future. Present and future, this is where I hoped this brief history would lead us. Wo