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About patriots, world heritage and future

Stories and News No. 1174   Listen. Listen to me. Listen and think carefully about the public speeches of the most famous leaders. I am talking about the most quoted, shared, tagged or just trolled. The result is the same, nowadays, and you know it. The most important thing is that we talk about it. So, take note of this: the future belongs to the patriots . Yes, you heard fine and better understood, I hope. Also keep this in mind: an extraordinarily unique place on the planet earth like the Amazon rainforest is not being devastated . Exactly, their words are precisely these. Consequently, consistently on this trail, let's stop once and for all with thinking and acting collectively and collaboratively . Enough with trying to unite and mediate , meet halfway and look for common points with which to compensate and, above all, minimize the conflicting differences. All of that belongs to the past. The future is on the wall , my sovereign friend. Friend … Who


Stories and News No. 1173   Once upon a time the age of contradictions. I am talking about our time, these days. In other words, superficially generalizing, we could also claim to live in the age of global people’s migration, relying on the inevitable subject in the middle of political confrontation. However, it could also be the terrorism topic, an equally abused one as a touchstone for the alleged reliability of the aspiring government leader. Do you remember when the future rulers had to solve problems, guarantee progress and above all give work? Today, as long as they give security, or the illusion of the latter, well, half of the chair is already occupied. We could also declare that we live in the period in which climate change is the priority inside the international discussion. We could say this and that, however, in my humble opinion, the contradiction is what most defines today's society. Take for example the recent survey conducted by the British group Ho

Brothers of what remains in the world

Stories and News No. 1172   This is what happens today, in particular. This is also what has been happening for some time, along the border between what is beautiful within the word ‘humanity’ and the mad as the dull contradiction of the latter. It is a narrow line that oppresses the heart and soul as well as the intellect. It is a promised land and at the same time a prison in which we all deceive ourselves of living as the elected ones, as if the handcuffs that bind the neighbor, even just a breath away from us, do not hold our wrists too. Well, in detail, inside a station in Foggia, Italy, some people were fined for having offered, without the authenticated train ticket, warm milk and precious blankets to some homelesses. € 16.67 , can you understand? This is the price of guilt, in the place where some go, others arrive. This is the defect of a voluntary act, blamable of solidarity. This is the measure with which the current legislation takes its distance from tho

Plastic age

Stories and News No. 1171   Recent research has found that plastic pollution contaminates the earth's fossils with exponential growth since 1945. As a result, after the Bronze and Iron Age, scientists suggest to define the current period in which we live as the Plastic Age. That's why this is just another story, but a plastic one. Once upon a time, there was a world of plastic. I mean our planet, but you may pretend it's someone else's. On the other hand, that’s the most common human habit, nowadays. I’m talking about the one that sees us punctually devoted to pass all our others. However, what’s the problem? This is a plastic tale, so the life we have built in it, as well the inhabitants we’ve become. Plastic citizens, with all the advantages. Because the inhabitants of plastic like to bend, to genuflect before the strong chief on duty. Never breaking is considered a good thing, even if it’s a shame to not break up in pieces for good, from time to t