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About patriots, world heritage and future

Stories and News No. 1174
Listen to me.
Listen and think carefully about the public speeches of the most famous leaders.
I am talking about the most quoted, shared, tagged or just trolled. The result is the same, nowadays, and you know it. The most important thing is that we talk about it.
So, take note of this: the future belongs to the patriots.
Yes, you heard fine and better understood, I hope.
Also keep this in mind: an extraordinarily unique place on the planet earth like the Amazon rainforest is not being devastated.
Exactly, their words are precisely these.
Consequently, consistently on this trail, let's stop once and for all with thinking and acting collectively and collaboratively.
Enough with trying to unite and mediate, meet halfway and look for common points with which to compensate and, above all, minimize the conflicting differences.
All of that belongs to the past.

The future is on the wall, my sovereign friend.
Who are you?!
Let’s say just sovereign, period.
In any case, you should know that the new dawn will be only for us, the private garden’s guardians.
Only mixing exclusively among blood relatives we will...
No, wait, this is too much, we have not yet reached this point. But we will get there, you will see.
In the meantime, I am referring to citizens proven by the sacred regulatory paper attesting of belonging to the same nation.
Unless the continuous lines on the geopolitical map will be distorted, that is clear.
In this case, to anticipate possible contradictions, go back to point one, but stay on a generic field: the future belongs to us.
Us who? You could ask. And if you do, it means that you are one of those. Therefore, give me your passport or any kind of residence permit. Then let's see if you are still talking.
On the contrary, rejoice.
Because we will survive.
Thanks to a little word: no.
The art of denial is our most powerful weapon.
The Amazon forest is not being devastated, as I said at the beginning.
But there is more.
The earth's temperature is not increasing.
Glaciers are not melting.
The sea level is not rising.
Water is not ending.
The desertification of the planet is not happening at all.
Well, now don't bring up your studies, because it's easy to talk when you read books, you find important documents and proven information, learning more about the topics and foreign languages, making cultural journeys, visiting historical places and talking to people different from you.
The real world, where real people live, is ours, inside the difficult life of those who have understood everything by staying at home incessantly glued to the monitor typing always the same short word: no.
It's not like you say.
Things are not as complex as you think.
There is no reason to worry.
Neither about the scorching climate nor the dying forests.
Because it is not our truth that burns, but yours.
It is not worth it, ultimately, to shift the focus from yourself to anyone.
In any case, if you wished to stop our walk and replace us, well, given how high we have come to make ourselves heard, in the future you must do something more and better than just write and scream water is insufficient, icebergs are melting and oceans are rising...

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