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Stories and News No. 1173
Once upon a time the age of contradictions.
I am talking about our time, these days.
In other words, superficially generalizing, we could also claim to live in the age of global people’s migration, relying on the inevitable subject in the middle of political confrontation.
However, it could also be the terrorism topic, an equally abused one as a touchstone for the alleged reliability of the aspiring government leader.
Do you remember when the future rulers had to solve problems, guarantee progress and above all give work?
Today, as long as they give security, or the illusion of the latter, well, half of the chair is already occupied.
We could also declare that we live in the period in which climate change is the priority inside the international discussion.
We could say this and that, however, in my humble opinion, the contradiction is what most defines today's society.
Take for example the recent survey conducted by the British group Hope not Hate on a sample of more than a thousand people between the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Brazil, France, Poland, USA and Italy.
The main questions related to the aforementioned climate changes and the results are particularly interesting, especially with regard to my country.
In fact, we, Italians, are at the first place among those

questioned, among those who strongly agree that the world faces a climatic emergency, that global warming will soon become extremely dangerous without a big cut in emissions, and that the time to save the planet it's running out.
You know who's on the second? Bolsonaro's Brazil...
Ergo, contradictions.
That is, immigration, terrorism and climate change.
As if they were disjointed phenomena, which could be faced separately, through an obtuse fragmentation of the intellect and personal sensitivity.
As if we ourselves were truly worthy of meaning in the general picture, where the interests and reasons of the individual were considered priority over those of all.
So here is what happens, often, in electoral disputes, as in bar fights, or better, in the most current social network bulletin boards.
There are copious arguments and often insults, leaping from one subject to another, sheltered by a very dull solution of continuity.
A kind of wall, used once again to obscure the understanding of things, as well as to hinder travelers' journey.
Because perhaps, opening precious loopholes within it, we could reflect on the fact that according to the United Nations by 2050 there will be between twenty-five million up to a billion people forced to leave their country because of climate change.
Then, insisting on this virtuous habit, we could consider how much the terrorist groups profit from the crisis and poverty due to military and civil conflicts, but exacerbated and made unsustainable by drought and famine caused by climatic upheaval.
Once upon a time, therefore, the era of migrants and terrorists, as well as the crazy and destructive climate.
In a word, the time of contradictions.
That is, of a humanity that has the only chance to survive inside the ability in overcoming them by combining the obvious dots that bind together the most compelling questions.

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