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30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with Storytellers for Peace

The next 9th of November will be the 30th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall ’s fall. Also today we see the rising of other walls to divide humanity, destroying dreams, breaking hopes and lives too. Please, join us to listen our last video about the horrible walls between us, from the past until now. Storytellers for Peace was born in June 2016. It is an international network of narrators who create collective stories through videos. Artists come from all over the world and tell stories about peace, justice, equality and human rights. All participants tell stories in their first language. The final work is a multilingual storytelling video showing how much the world might be powerful, beautiful and peaceful when it is united on a good purpose. The project was created and is coordinated by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, author, storyteller, stage actor and director. In order of appearance: Beatriz Montero , author and storyteller from Spain. Barry Stewart Mann , profession


Stories and News No. 1178   The 39 people found dead on a truck in England on Wednesday, whose origin was unknown, were Chinese. Yes, now we know they are Chinese. Thirty-nine. Thirty-nine is a news, because numbers matter. The numbers are facts and no one can discuss or manipulate them. But it depends, it is obvious and, every now and then, it must be remembered. First of all, thirty-nine football players. All champions, all outstanding athletes. It is the ranking of the best ones. Indeed, no, it is the whole favorite team, with all the new arrivals, especially the last one, the future star, who will take the place of the old captain in the dreams of the fans. On the other hand, when you are thirty-nine years old you can't expect to run from door to door without blinking, that's it. Next, the thirty-nine girlfriends of the stars on the field. The inevitable beauties that sparkle in the stadium’s chairs or that suddenly appear among the Instagram profiles of th

The lion and the mosquitoes

Stories and News No. 1177   At home, on this planet, somewhere. A man and his son meet again for dinner in the kitchen after their respective paths during the day, both fueled by an unshakable faith in the belief that however the day goes, at the end of the journey one will be there for the other. Because that, forever, it is exactly what Hanna, wife and mother left behind, would have wished for, on the umpteenth travel towards the promised survival, even before the land. Yohaness is ten years old and his eyes, of size and depth nourished by a burning desire for lightness, confirm that. At the same time, however, the thick wrinkles that sometimes ruffle the forehead sound out of time with the necessary joviality on the face. It is a real pity, but that is the price that is paid by those forced to experience the roughness of life ahead their natural trip. On the other hand, you can shell out this unfair toll in far worse ways. "What’s up?" Ephrem asks his son. &

Of bricks and wars

Stories and News No. 1176   It's war. That is, there is war , because we are talking about it again. But this does not mean that there was not already here. Because peace has a price, so the silence of newspapers and parliaments all over the world. And, sorry, it is still called war too. So let's go away, but only to come back soon, I promise. Perhaps with a lighter heart, though filled to the brim, and less closed eyes. Once upon a time, therefore, two children. Because that is what we are dealing with. An eternal and tireless child's play, but with very serious rules and often tragic consequences. It is a particular pastime, though, since time insists to stop it, rather than facilitating its run, ending up trapping the hands of the human watch by doing the same with the wings we could open, if only we had believed Icarus's dream. Anyway it is a brick game. Of cement, clay or plastic it makes no difference, although the latter has the further contraindi

Life and death of Raja

Stories and News No. 1175   Life, death and miracles. We would all like to tell you about that. About ourselves, possibly a distant day, at the end of our overrated existence. More than ever about our children, but in real time of their maximum splendor. When everything is still possible. Too bad that miracles are so rare for the most unfortunate around the world, guilty only of being on the right place at the worst time. That is why this brief story can only evoke life and death of Raja , since her miracle would have been ‘surviving the bomb’. Anyway, we could talk about life and death. So, let’s tell them both as if they were two distinct creatures. Let's start with the most painful, so we immediately get rid of it. Raja's death was born in 1997 in the United States, specifically in an ammunition plant in Milan , Tennessee. The death of Raja has a complicated and difficult name to remember, like all the uncomfortable fragments of the past, from which,